The Movie Show (2020)

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  • : 2020
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The Movie Show Does Big Sharks
Episode overview
27, 2020
Deb and Wade interview the writer of The Meg and catch up with a famous T-Rex.
The Movie Show Does Batman
Episode overview
29, 2020
Deb announces the world is ending and Wade makes a Batman musical.
The Movie Show Does Horror
Episode overview
03, 2020
Deb and Wade discuss Halloween and a killer is on the loose in the studio.
The Movie Show Does Stunts
Episode overview
10, 2020
Deb and Wade discuss the new Marvel film “Black Widow,” and Wade becomes a stunt man.
The Movie Show Does Assassins
Episode overview
17, 2020
Deb and Wade catch up with Splinter from TMNT, and Gary gets into jazz.
The Movie Show Does Wingmen
Episode overview
07, 2021
Deb and Wade discuss Top Gun and Maverick and Wade interview wingmen.