The Mentalist

  • : 2008
  • : 151
  • : 124k
  • CBS
  • 20
  • Crime Drama Mystery Suspense Thriller



Episode overview
23, 2008
This episode introduces us to the complex life of Patrick Jane, a police detective with a troubled past who has a keen eye for detail. When a man and woman are found dead in their home, .. show full overview
Red Hair and Silver Tape
Episode overview
30, 2008
Jane orchestrates his own undercover operation using Van Pelt as bait as the team investigates the murder of a young waitress in the Napa Valley.
Red Tide
Episode overview
14, 2008
When a body washes ashore on the beach, Patrick sets a trap to determine and catch the killer out of a group of surfers.
Ladies in Red
Episode overview
21, 2008
The team discovers that a wealthy investment banker found murdered inside his locked safe room was living a dual life and stealing from his clients; Patrick plays the suspects to see which will show their true colors.
Episode overview
28, 2008
A girl found covered in blood with the murder weapon in her grasp is the obvious suspect in her best friend's death, but the girl remembers nothing about the incident and Jane believes she is innocent.
Red Handed
Episode overview
11, 2008
Jane uses the murder investigation of a casino owner as an opportunity to win at the blackjack table.
Seeing Red
Episode overview
18, 2008
Patrick stages a seance to prove that a supposed psychic, who predicted that a murder victim was in danger, is a fake and a killer.
The Thin Red Line
Episode overview
25, 2008
Patrick Jane sees his own suspect, with a different motive, when the police believe a drug dealer on trial killed both his girlfriend and the State's witness in the case.
Flame Red
Episode overview
02, 2008
A murder in a small town is investigated and soon turns out to be an act of vengeance.
Red Brick and Ivy
Episode overview
16, 2008
Patrick takes a personal interest in the case of a poisoned professor when he discovers the prime suspect is his former psychiatrist.
Red John's Friends
Episode overview
06, 2009
Patrick Jane, enticed by the promise from a convicted murder that he'll reveal information about Red John upon his release, becomes singularly focused and quits the CBI in order to prove the prisoner is innocent.
Red Rum
Episode overview
13, 2009
Patrick Jane sets a mentalist trap to find out who is responsible for the murder of a high school boy who antagonized the local self-proclaimed witch by killing her cat.
Paint It Red
Episode overview
20, 2009
While it appears obvious that a business tycoon's son-in-law was in on the robbery of a $50 million painting since his body is found where the painting once hung, Patrick Jane suspects .. show full overview
Crimson Casanova
Episode overview
10, 2009
Patrick helps Cho go under cover as a ladies man in an attempt to catch a killer with his own set of pseudo-mentalist techniques.
Scarlett Fever
Episode overview
17, 2009
As Jane and the team investigate the poisoning death of the "queen bee" in a country club, they discover that the community is full of secrets, including love affairs and drug abuse
Episode overview
17, 2009
Patrick Jane must rely on his other senses during the murder investigation of a financial advisor when he loses his sight as a result of an explosion.
Carnelian Inc.
Episode overview
24, 2009
When a mysterious malcontent threatens the lives of the top executives at Carnelian, Inc., a conglomerate noted for its rapacious business practices, authorities initially dismiss the .. show full overview
Russet Potatoes
Episode overview
31, 2009
Patrick Jane and the CBI team track down a mastermind who hypnotizes people into doing their bidding.
A Dozen Red Roses
Episode overview
07, 2009
Patrick Jane and the team go to Hollywood when they investigate the murder of a movie producer.
Red Sauce
Episode overview
28, 2009
Jane and the CBI set out to determine who is responsible for the Mob-style execution of a man in the Witness Protection Program.
Miss Red
Episode overview
05, 2009
Patrick Jane uses his mentalist skills to play suspects off each other in order to solve the case of a wealthy software company CEO found murdered on his yacht.
Blood Brothers
Episode overview
12, 2009
Patrick Jane, Agent Lisbon and the CBI team investigate the murder of a student in a wilderness program for troubled kids. Patrick Jane must find a clever way to convince the troubled .. show full overview
Red John's Footsteps
Episode overview
19, 2009
As the CBI investigates the murder of a young girl and the abduction of her twin sister, Lisbon suspects that Red John is trying to draw Jane into a trap.