The Love Boat

  • : 1977
  • : 249
  • : 29
  • ABC (US)
  • Comedy Drama Romance



Sergeant Bull/Friends and Lovers/Miss Mother
Episode overview
25, 1980
Four men who served together in Korea hold their reunion on the ship. Gopher convinces Julie to pose as his girlfriend to impress his abrasive fraternity brother. A single mother-to-be .. show full overview
The Family Plan/The Promoter/May the Best Man Win/Forever Engaged/The Judges (1)
Episode overview
01, 1980
The promoter of a marriage cruise is trying to reconcile with his own wife. Doc tricks Gopher into being a contestant judge but then discovers the other two judges are attractive women .. show full overview
The Family Plan/The Promoter/May the Best Man Win/Forever Engaged/The Judges (2)
Episode overview
01, 1980
Vicki tries to play matchmaker for Capt. Stubing and Emily, whose husband still plans on winning her back. Gopher lands in a Curacao jail after Doc sends him on a wild goose chase so .. show full overview
The Major's Wife/The Oilman Cometh/Target Gopher/Strange Honeymoon
Episode overview
08, 1980
Julie teaches a Japanese wife some western lessons about keeping her man. A wealthy Arab thinks that a young man's girlfriend is one of his presents. Gopher loses his job when a .. show full overview
The Mallory Quest/Julie, the Vamp/The Offer (1)
Episode overview
15, 1980
Famed author Brian Mallory gives three people free tickets to a Caribbean cruise. He then presents each of them--and Gopher--with gold coins. He explains that they are among the last .. show full overview
The Mallory Quest/Julie, the Vamp/The Offer (2)
Episode overview
15, 1980
As the search for Mallory's nephew continues, a mysterious man begins following Gopher, Marvin, Peter, and Marcia and trying to thwart their efforts. Peter grows suspicious and forces .. show full overview
The Horse Lover/Secretary to the Stars/Julie's Decision/Gopher and Isaac Buy a Horse/The Village People Ride Again
Episode overview
22, 1980
In preparation for a steeplechase race in Mexico, one of the racers spends more time with his horse than with his wife, who finds comfort in the man's business partner. A Hollywood .. show full overview
The Baby Alarm/Tell Her She's Great/Matchmaker, Matchmaker Times Two
Episode overview
29, 1980
An unwed mother's infant son has an unusual way of showing his disapproval to men who try to romance her. Isaac gets the crew to bolster his stagestruck aunt's ego, which turns her into .. show full overview
She Stole His Heart/Return of the Captain's Brother/Swag and Mag
Episode overview
06, 1980
A kleptomaniac seeks the help of a psychiatrist to deal with her problem. He tries to distance himself from her when they begin falling for each other. Capt. Stubing's brother Marshall .. show full overview
Boomerang/Captain's Triangle/Out of This World
Episode overview
13, 1980
A model pretends to be married to keep away annoying suitors. The captain's ex-girlfriend comes aboard the ship and constantly makes passes at him because she feels neglected by her .. show full overview
That's My Dad/The Captain's Bird/Captive Audience
Episode overview
20, 1980
A stowaway convinces the crew that a playboy passenger is his father. Capt. Stubing decides to get Vicki a parrot for Christmas. Unfortunately, it hasn't been trained to talk, and Gopher .. show full overview
Doc's Dismissal/The Frugal Pair/The Girl Next Door
Episode overview
03, 1981
A woman tries to get her husband's attention by claiming that Doc made a pass at her during an examination. A couple takes a cruise to celebrate their 40th anniversary but considers .. show full overview
Isaac's Secret/Seal of Approval/The Curse of the Dumbrowskis
Episode overview
10, 1981
Isaac tries to avoid his former English teacher; A man boards the ship with a seal that protests the man's romance with an attractive woman; A married woman, convinced that she has a short time to live, wants to pick the perfect wife for her husband.
From Here to Maternity/Jealousy/The Trigamist
Episode overview
17, 1981
Doc's love life suffers when an overly expectant father thinks his wife is giving birth; Vicki sees green when her dad falls for a beautiful woman; A judge finds herself attracted to a .. show full overview
First Voyage, Last Voyage/April the Ninny/The Loan Arranger
Episode overview
17, 1981
A young woman traveling with her parents meets and falls in love with a man, but she does not know that she is dying from leukemia. April becomes a nanny to the two children of a TV .. show full overview
Gopher's Bride/Love With a Married Man/Not Tonight, Jack!
Episode overview
24, 1981
Isaac and Doc's joke backfires when the girl they have been writing love letters to under Gopher's name shows up; A couple drift apart over work habits; A woman refuses to share quarters with her boyfriend.
Lose One, Win One/The $10,000 Lover/Mind My Wife
Episode overview
31, 1981
A social-climbing fiancée runs into an old friend; A man stands to lose $10,000 to his friend, who only needs one more romantic conquest to break the world's record; Doc is leery about entertaining his friend's amorous wife.
Aquaphobic/Humpty, Dumpty/The Starmaker
Episode overview
07, 1981
An aqua-phobic man deathly afraid of water causes havoc among the crew and passengers as he tries to overcome his fear. Julie has a bittersweet reunion with her college sweetheart. Isaac .. show full overview
Return of the Ninny/Split Personality/Touchdown Twins
Episode overview
14, 1981
April and her charges accidentally find themselves on board while her employer and his new fiancée set sail. Gopher's college friend tries to please both his boss and the boss' daughter. A man falls for the mother of his old college friend.
Quiet, My Wife's Listening/Eye of the Beholder/The Nudist from Sunshine Gardens
Episode overview
21, 1981
A female nudist gets help from an attorney when she wants to bare it all. A self-pitying blind woman who is afraid to love meets a man and thinks his attentions are based on pity. A recently divorced man believes that his cabin is wired for sound.
Clothes Make the Girl/Black Sheep/Hometown Doc
Episode overview
28, 1981
A clothes-conscious mother gets a surprise when she meets the object of her daughter’s affection. Isaac is embarrassed when his crooked uncle boards the ship. Doc is deeply concerned .. show full overview
Sally's Paradise/I Love You Too, Smith/Mamma and Me
Episode overview
07, 1981
The ship’s boutique manager finds plenty of shipboard company when all three of her fiancées join her. Gopher and a hard-nosed customs agent inadvertently discover they have something in .. show full overview
The Duel/Two for Julie/Aunt Hilly
Episode overview
14, 1981
Doc is in for an exciting adventure when he becomes the target of a jealous lover. Julie is dazzled by the affections of two executives who are accompanied by their boss. The captain's .. show full overview
That Old Gang of Mine/Love with a Skinny Stranger/Vicki and the Gambler
Episode overview
11, 1981
Three members of an old-time bank-robbing gang hilariously try to rob the ship's vault. A formerly fat man's fat girlfriend is jealous of his new thin physique. Captain Stubing becomes concerned about Vicki and her gambling.
This Year's Model/The Model Marriage//Vogue Rogue/Too Clothes for Comfort/Original Sin (1)
Episode overview
02, 1981
A husband and wife who own a model agency spar over the use of one of the models who has captured the Captain's eye. A cosmetics king searching for a unique woman to represent his new .. show full overview
This Year's Model/The Model Marriage/Vogue Rogue/Too Clothes for Comfort/Original Sin (2)
Episode overview
02, 1981
As the fashion show extravaganza takes place, a couple is in frantic search of some designer clothes that they have misplaced, while Julie gets the limelight when she stands in for a model friend who has fallen in love.
Maid for Each Other/Lost and Found/Then There Were Two
Episode overview
09, 1981
Two fun-loving bachelors find out that money isn't everything when they meet a beautiful maid. An employee of the ship leaves his infant son with Captain Stubing. Gopher's Aunt Loretta fears that the truth about her money will be discovered.
Tony and Julie/Separate Beds/America's Sweetheart
Episode overview
16, 1981
Julie falls for a handsome veterinarian. A divorced couple is forced to share quarters. Vicki becomes a stand-in for a bratty television star.