The Forsyte Saga (2002)

  • : 2002
  • : 17
  • : 42
  • ITV
  • Drama Romance



Episode 1
Episode overview
01, 2003
The Forsyte family, including Soames and Annette’s daughter, Fleur, gathers in London when June arrives with her half-brother Jon (son of young Jolyon and Irene). Eleven years later, in .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
08, 2003
Fleur visits a farm where Jon is working. Young Jolyon, who is ill, asks Soames to stop Fleur seeing his son, but Soames was unaware of their friendship. Fleur goes to Robin Hill when Jon is away and meets his parents without divulging her identity.
Episode 3
Episode overview
15, 2003
Jon and Fleur meet at Robin Hill, and Fleur relates their parents’ history. Jolyon is still very ill, and Annette is still having an affair. Fleur realizes she may have to break with Jon; her father presses her to marry Michael Mont.
Episode 4
Episode overview
22, 2003
Irene, who has told her son, Jon, about her relationship with Soames, wants to thwart Jon and Fleur’s love affair. When Soames and Irene meet again, he recounts their history in a threatening manner. Jon tells Fleur it’s over.
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Episode overview
29, 2003
There are 6 70-minute episodes in season 1 and 4 in season 2 only.
Episode 5
Episode overview
29, 2003
Though Fleur and Jon are in love, Fleur decides to marry Michael Mont. She shuns her father, who tells her about the fateful night when he was violent with Irene. Soames returns to Robin Hill for the last time to say a final goodbye to Irene.
Episode 7
Episode overview
29, 2003
Fleur blames Soames for her situation. A Forsyte wedding is planned. June is curator of the gallery. John visits the gallery to ask June for advice. Soames makes a confession and pays someone a visit.