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Recruits: Busted
Episode overview
07, 2012
Jessica catches Rachel practicing court arguments to a room of empty chairs.
Recruits: Quote for Quote
Episode overview
19, 2012
Harvey and Mike hold an entire conversation about a case, using exclusively movie quotes.
Recruits: Getting Litt
Episode overview
26, 2012
Louis sets goals for himself.
Recruits: Practice Makes Perfect
Episode overview
18, 2012
Rachel does a mock trial.
Recruits: Research
Episode overview
23, 2012
Louis is looking for a new cat online.
Recruits: Firing Norma
Episode overview
01, 2012
Louis is about to fire Norma.
Recruits: El Mensaje
Episode overview
01, 2012
Donna's got bored.
Recruits: Can Opener
Episode overview
01, 2012
Harold takes something by accident.
Recruits: The Spot
Episode overview
01, 2012
Shakespeare and the evil copy machine.
Class Action: Day 1 - Kicking the Bucket
Episode overview
01, 2013
Louis creates his "bucket list".
Class Action: Day 2 - Donna and the Case of the Missing Button
Episode overview
02, 2013
Donna struggles to source a replacement button for one of Harvey's suits.
Class Action: Day 3 - Quote Unquote
Episode overview
03, 2013
Louis attempts to exchange movie quotes with Mike.
Class Action: Day 4 - Rules of Football
Episode overview
04, 2013
Louis tries to learn the rules of football to impress a new client.
Class Action: Day 5 - As If
Episode overview
05, 2013
Harvey suggests 'Clueless' for Donna's Secretarial Talent Show performance.
Class Action: Day 6 - Office Politics
Episode overview
06, 2013
Harvey and Jessica try to debate the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries, while high.
Class Action: Day 7 - The Better Man
Episode overview
07, 2013
This extra has no summary.
Class Action: Day 8 - El Matador de Amor
Episode overview
08, 2013
Rachel and Louis have an argument in the file room.
Class Action: Day 9 - Please Hold for Mr. Litt
Episode overview
09, 2013
Louis makes various personal negotiations over the phone.
Class Action: Day 10 - Waiting for MJ
Episode overview
10, 2013
Mike gets excited about a meeting between Harvey and Jessica, and basketball player Michael Jordan.
Paper Trail: Day 1 - Patti!
Episode overview
28, 2014
Louis gets excited at the prospect of signing actress Patti LuPone as a client.
Paper Trail: Day 2 - Last Call
Episode overview
28, 2014
Harvey offers Mike one call to any number in his phone, as a going away present.
Paper Trail: Day 3 - The Maltese Thumb Drive
Episode overview
28, 2014
Louis enlists Katrina's help to find a missing thumb drive.
Paper Trail: Day 4 - Please Hold
Episode overview
28, 2014
This extra has no summary.
Paper Trail: Day 5 - Anytime Minutes
Episode overview
28, 2014
Rachel tries to reorganise her time.
Paper Trail: Day 6 - Shine On
Episode overview
28, 2014
Louis accidentally gets high on shoe polish vapours.
Paper Trail: Day 7 - Puppet Therapy
Episode overview
28, 2014
Harvey catches Louis acting out an argument using puppets, during a phone session with Dr. Lipschitz.
Paper Trail: Day 8 - Angels
Episode overview
28, 2014
Louis dreams that he is "Charlie" and Jessica, Rachel, and Donna are his "Angels".
Paper Trail: Day 9 - Time Capsule
Episode overview
28, 2014
Louis opens the time capsule he hid in the library.
Paper Trail: Day 10 - Lunch Psychology
Episode overview
28, 2014
Mike and Amy debate where to order lunch from.
Retrospective Special
Episode overview
28, 2019
In celebration of the final season, rewatch the wonderful memories all over the very first episode of Suits with all-new cast interviews.