Shameless (US)

  • : 2011
  • : 134
  • : 142k
  • Showtime
  • 21
  • Comedy Drama


Christmas Carol
Episode overview
14, 2011
The Shameless Cast celebrates Christmas with a song as only the Gallaghers could.
Hall Of Shame: Ian & Mickey - Daddy Issues
Episode overview
27, 2020
Covid has taken a toll on newlyweds everywhere and Ian and Mickey are no different. When someone from Ian’s past dies, Mickey has to accept the facts about Ian’s past relationships, the dynamics of their relationship and the men they both married.
Hall Of Shame: Kev & V - God Doesn't Give With Both Hands
Episode overview
03, 2021
The Alibi has been the home to drugs, drinks and drunks. Now it’s zoom school. When Kev and V find out Gemma has been flunking zoom school, they’re forced to face their fears of their own inadequacies as parents to help Gemma get back on track.
Hall Of Shame: Lip - Once Upon A Phillip Gallagher
Episode overview
17, 2021
When baby Fred comes down with a head cold, Lip tells him a story he’s never heard before to try and help him get some rest.
Hall Of Shame: Debbie, Carl & Liam - They Grow Up So Fast
Episode overview
24, 2021
When Liam’s quarantine girlfriend breaks up with him for being a Gallagher, Carl and Debbie join forces to help their little brother figure out how to get her back – despite sort of hating each other.
Hall Of Shame: Fiona - Go Fiona on Them
Episode overview
21, 2021
Fiona, Fiona, Fiona. In interviews for a reality dating show, the Gallaghers reminisce about their beautiful, tough-as-nails sister who for so many years kept the lights on and a roof over their heads.
Hall Of Shame: Frank - Ghosts of Gallagher Past
Episode overview
28, 2021
After a lifetime of scheming to beat the system and support his many vices, Frank Gallagher, the irrepressible, unemployable patriarch of the Gallagher clan, is visited by the ghosts of his past, present and future.
Shameless Last Call
Episode overview
11, 2021
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