Samurai Jack

  • 9.1
  • : 2001
  • : 62
  • : 564
  • Cartoon Network
  • 11



XL: Samurai vs. Ninja
14, 2003
Aku sends forth the robotic ninja Shinobi, Warrior of the Dark, to kill the Samurai. Jack responds to the cries of a young boy from a village beset by robot lobsters. Jack defeats them .. show full overview
XLI: Robo-Samurai vs. Mondo Bot
21, 2003
Jack enters the abandoned city of Andromeda and finds himself under attack by a monstrous giant robot, the Mondo-Bot. Jack is initially defeated and rescued by local robots who believe .. show full overview
XLII: Samurai vs. Samurai
28, 2003
While traveling through the rain, Jack takes refuge in an inn and meets Da Samurai, a hip-hop singer/fighter. His performance is interrupted by a new version of Aku's bounty hunters. .. show full overview
XLV: The Scotsman Saves Jack (1)
23, 2003
While traveling the Scotsman finds Samurai Jack working as a waiter named Brent Worthington. The Scotsman rescues the amnesiac Jack from bounty hunters and realizes that Jack was injured .. show full overview
XLVI: The Scotsman Saves Jack (2)
23, 2003
The ship sails into the Great Unknown and encounters sirens who hypnotize everyone except the Scotsman who is conveniently immune thanks to his musical taste for Scottish music and his .. show full overview
XLIII: The Aku Infection
05, 2003
Jack is infected with a bit of Aku and the piece infects him with Aku, trying to take him over and drive him to evil.
XLIV: The Princess and the Bounty Hunters
12, 2003
Bounty hunters come together and vie among themselves to determine who will go first. Each hunter outlines his plan while another, armored hunter points out the flaws in each plan. The .. show full overview
XLVII: Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess
19, 2003
A prince and princess flee invaders of their planet and go for help, but ended up stranded on Earth and captured by Aku's forces - only Jack can rescue them.
XLVIII: Jack vs. Aku
24, 2003
Tiring of the failure of his minions, Aku decides to engage Jack in one-on-one combat to settle matters between them once and for all.
XLIX: The 4 Seasons of Death
25, 2004
Four separate stories following Jack through the four seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. In Summer, Jack is traveling through the desert and is set upon by strange creatures .. show full overview
L: Tale of X9
25, 2004
The first three-fourths of the story is a monologue: a Terminator-like killer robot with human emotions tells us the story of his life. He formerly worked for Aku, but stopped because of .. show full overview
LI: Young Jack in Africa
25, 2004
This episode takes place during Jack's childhood. After Aku's first attack, Jack is brought to a tribe in Africa where he is admitted into the adult community after a small ritual and .. show full overview
LII: Jack and the Baby
25, 2004
While peacefully enjoying a snack of peaches, Jack hears a baby cry and races to find out what's the matter. He rescues Baby from a crew of hungry (baby-eating) monsters. The two then .. show full overview