No Good Nick

  • 0.0
  • : 2019
  • : 30
  • : 67



The Catfish
15, 2019
The Thompsons open their door to an orphaned teen who says she's family, never guessing she's got ulterior motives. Now the con is on.
The Pig in a Poke
15, 2019
Molly and Jeremy attempt to cheat Nick in the "chore market." All the while, Nick's cooking up a bait and switch at Liz's restaurant.
The Money-Box Scheme
15, 2019
Nick turns the school's costume dance into a scheme targeting the socially clueless. But it only fuels Jeremy's suspicions that something is up.
The Badger Game
15, 2019
In a bid to gain Jeremy’s trust, Nick suggests he run for student body president -- then offers her services as his campaign manager.
The Pigeon Drop
15, 2019
A paranoid Ed puts everyone on lockdown for Thompson Family Safety Day. But that doesn't work for Nick, who's got to get to an important meeting.
The Glim Dropper
15, 2019
Jeremy leads the student council to an escape room to prove that his presidency is legit. After spying Liz's wedding ring, Nick considers stealing it.
The Charity Mugger
15, 2019
Nick starts a GoFundMe in her biggest scam yet, only to learn she'll need Ed's help to open a bank account. Liz gives Jeremy a job at the restaurant.
The Block Out
15, 2019
When an old friend appears out of nowhere, Nick decides to skip school -- and Jeremy follows them. But the plot thickens when Liz and Ed find out.
The Man in the Middle Attack
15, 2019
A social worker comes to the house to help Nick open up, and it works -- until Molly and Jeremy find Nick's secret cell phone.
The Jam Auction
15, 2019
Nick makes plans to hold an estate sale while the Thompsons are away seeing "Hamilton." Little does she know, they've planned a surprise of their own.
The Bank Job
05, 2019
Ed brings Nick and Molly to the bank for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, while Liz and Jeremy ask questions at the social services office.
The Big Mitt
05, 2019
Nick partners with a handsome new student to stack the deck at a charity poker tournament, where the Volunteer Squad questions Molly's leadership.
The Trojan Horse
05, 2019
A '90s-themed day at school brings Liz face to face with her formal rival. Nick confronts Will -- then sends the Harbaughs a message.
Follow the Lady
05, 2019
Nick sets her sights on scamming Ed's wealthiest banking client. But an increasingly suspicious Molly is watching. Molly is watching Nick's every move.
The Italian Job
05, 2019
A flashback episode reveals the origins of Nick's revenge plot against the Thompsons -- and the family's role in ruining her life.
The Mystery Shopper
05, 2019
Nick concots a scam to teach Molly a much-needed lesson. Ed and Jeremy cook up a challenge to help Liz ace her "Top Chef" interview.
The Pied Piper
05, 2019
When "Top Chef" sends a camera crew to Crescendo, Nick unleashes a plan involving rats -- and a Franzelli's regular -- to shut it all down.
The Diploma Mill
05, 2019
A scandal threatens Jeremy's presidency. Back at the restaurant, Liz and Molly sift through the evidence to try and figure out who set them up.
The Box Job
05, 2019
Nick moves forward with the bank heist so she can finally pay off her father's debts. Jeremy plans a special evening -- and wants it to be perfect.
The Fool's Errand
05, 2019
With nowhere to run, a cornered Nick confronts the Thompsons and comes clean. But she's got one last trick up her sleeve.