Mystery Girls

  • : 2014
  • : 10
  • : 223
  • ABC Family
  • 20
  • Comedy



Death Becomes Her
Episode overview
25, 2014
Nick discovers an online rumor going around that Holly is dead, but instead of immediately correcting it, they start selling some of her unwanted belongings online to make extra money .. show full overview
Partners in Crime
Episode overview
02, 2014
Charlie begins to think if she can trust Holly's instincts AFTER their investigation into a new bling ring case takes them to the hottest nightclub in town.
Haunted House Party
Episode overview
09, 2014
Holly, Charlie and Nick are hired to spend the night in a supposedly haunted house to prove there is no paranormal activity going on. Holly takes the case seriously as she has a strong .. show full overview
Episode overview
16, 2014
Holly and Charlie look back on how they went from TV show starlets to real life detectives. Nancy O’Dell from “Entertainment Tonight” guest stars as herself and interviews the Mystery .. show full overview
High School Mystery
Episode overview
23, 2014
Holly’s high-school principal Mr. Frost hires the Mystery Girls to make sure he does not become the target of the senior prank before he retires. When the detectives go undercover at .. show full overview
Sister Issues
Episode overview
30, 2014
Holly feels inferior to her younger sister Stephanie, a heart surgeon, and is determined to show her how well she’s doing. Holly thinks she found the perfect way to impress Stephanie .. show full overview
Passing the Torch
Episode overview
06, 2014
In the ‘Mystery Girls’ reboot, Holly and Charlie have been recast with younger actresses, but when the stars go missing, they become the prime suspects and work to clear their name.
Bag Ladies
Episode overview
13, 2014
It’s a race against time when a priceless bag as Holly and Charlie are hired to help track down a stolen purse that needs recovering in time for a major event.
Death Rose
Episode overview
20, 2014
Holly's prison friend is released from incarceration.
The Killer Returns
Episode overview
27, 2014
The killer who prompted the girls to reunite is on the loose and on the hunt for them.