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Episode overview
21, 2006
Desperate for money after the health shop is closed, George takes part in a poker game on Ultron, but ends up losing all his body parts, aside from his foot and his soul. When he is placed into a new body, Janet has problems coping with the change.
Here's One I Made Earlier
Episode overview
28, 2006
Janet and the children are having trouble adjusting to George's new body, and things just get worse when George learns he had a secret love child. Meanwhile, Janet plans a meeting with an old boyfriend.
My Kingdom for a Cat
Episode overview
04, 2006
Desperate for Janet's affections, George asks Ella's cat what makes him so endearing. He discovers it's the cat's essence, so he starts extracting it and spraying himself with it.
Episode overview
04, 2006
In effort to lighten his workload, George makes a sidekick out of one of his ribs, a beautiful woman called Lula. But she turns out too well, replacing everyone at the health centre, and she even takes George's job as protector of Earth.
Not for Prophet
Episode overview
18, 2006
When Ollie's pet spider dies, Thermoman resurrects it, then kills it because it frightens him. Wanting to teach Cassie about Ultronian religion, George tries to organise it on Earth. He .. show full overview
Episode overview
25, 2006
When Thermoman attempts to fly faster than the speed of light, he is caught and has to resit his superhero theory test or he will lose his license and be sent back to Ultron. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Top of the Table
Episode overview
01, 2006
When the Superhero Assessment of Total Saves League table results are announced, George is so horrified by his standing, and the effect it will have on Janet's affections toward him, that he resolves to take action.
Episode overview
08, 2006
When George's super-powers begin to malfunction, Thermoman begins to destroy more than he saves. Arnie must perform an MOT to George's self-confidence that have unexpected consequences.