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Life Is Precious and God and the Bible
Episode overview
26, 1998
Bob catches David high on "medical marijuana" > Law School: Bob abducts a student and takes his place as assistant to the law-school teacher > Lifeboat: Todd the talk-show host takes his show to the "sea."
Show Me Your Weenis!
Episode overview
02, 1998
Swingin' Show, The Mr. Show Boys Clubs, Get Your Own News, Fucked Up Kidnapper, Underground Tapes, Wycked Sceptre Party Tape, Menocu Buttplugs, House of the Future, and Racist in the Year 3000.
Rudy Will Await Your Foundation
Episode overview
09, 1998
The Mr. Show ""Bloopers"", Superstar Machine, Phone Sex, Audition, Dad and You, The Pre-Natal Pageant, and the Burgandy Loaf 6-Star Resturant.
The Story of Everest
Episode overview
16, 1998
Lethal Injeksion Production, Sweetie Pie Jonus-New Executive Producer, Larry Cleest:Rapist, Pallies, The Story of Everest, The Movie: The Story of Everest.
It's Perfectly Understandishable
Episode overview
23, 1998
Rehersal Tape, In the Cage, Trainers to the Stars, Blind Love, Emergency Psychic Hotline, 18 Dalai Lama, Camp Monk Academy, and an In the Cage reprieve.
It's Insane, This Guy's Taint
Episode overview
30, 1998
Tribute, Fat Intervention, Interventionist Intervention, Car Wash Change Thief Action Squad, The Men's Club of Allah, Kalunda, Taint Magazine.
Eat Rotten Fruit From a Shitty Tree
Episode overview
07, 1998
The Mr.Show Watercooler, Smarty Pants, International News Report: The President has Farted, God's biography ""My Life in the Fastlane"", Probings
Like Chickens...Delicious Chickens
Episode overview
14, 1998
David waits for his reparations from the Swiss Government, Edmund Premmington addresses the Gentleman's Hunt Club, Plane Crash, The Civil War:The Re-enactments.
Sad Songs are Nature's Onions
Episode overview
21, 1998
David decides to run away, The Reason Behind the Content Warnings, Inside The Actor with Cyrus, Land of the Lost Parody, The Teardrop Awards.
Patriotism, Pepper, and Professionalism
Episode overview
28, 1998
Globo-Chem Corporate Retreat; Honesty in Motion; Fenderman Documentary; The Week Apart; Marilyn Monster "Fun-Ployees" Training Video.