Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • : 2000
  • : 110
  • : 2388
  • HBO
  • 22
  • Comedy



The Five-Foot Fence
Episode overview
24, 2021
A discovery in Larry’s backyard threatens to derail his latest creative venture, while a clumsy mishap threatens the future of his latest romance. Albert Brooks hosts an unprecedented event, and Leon makes arrangements for an upcoming trip.
Angel Muffin
Episode overview
31, 2021
Larry is forced to attend an ill-fated work meeting and investigates the truth behind a faulty toilet. Determined to unravel a mystery of his own, Jeff employs Larry’s detective skills.
The Mini Bar
Episode overview
07, 2021
In a last-ditch effort, Larry enlists Cheryl’s help with a project and, later, concocts a plan that could finally save his newest creative venture.
The Watermelon
Episode overview
14, 2021
After agreeing to take Susie’s new rabbi golfing, Larry then cashes in on her favor. Later, Larry’s appeal to Woody Harrelson’s animal rights activism comes with unexpected consequences.
Episode overview
21, 2021
While he and his date swap secrets, Larry runs afoul of the rules and regulations at a sushi restaurant. No good deed goes unpunished for Freddy Funkhouser.
Man Fights Tiny Woman
Episode overview
28, 2021
Larry navigates the complexities of requesting a new chauffeur, letting his roofer do his job, and imparting some constructive criticism to his chiropractor.
Irma Kostroski
Episode overview
05, 2021
Ahead of Election Day, Larry befriends City Councilwoman Irma Kostroski while mediating a conflict between a difficult actor and his prop master.
What Have I Done?
Episode overview
12, 2021
Larry does damage control to remain in Irma’s good graces while encouraging Leon to monetize his knack for husbandly counsel.
Igor, Gregor, & Timor
Episode overview
19, 2021
Larry does the right thing (and regrets it) while seizing an unprecedented opportunity to avoid Irma. Jeff seeks out a pricey peace offering for Susie.
The Mormon Advantage
Episode overview
26, 2021
With the city council vote rapidly approaching, Larry gives some unsolicited marriage advice and hosts an event for an American hero.