Masters of the Universe: Revolution

  • : 2024
  • : 5
  • : 46
  • Netflix
  • 0
  • Action Animation Fantasy



Even for Kings
Episode overview
25, 2024
A battle erupts between good and evil when a mysterious traveler embarks on a journey to Subternia. Teela seeks guidance from a trusted source.
Episode overview
25, 2024
A flashback sheds light on Adam's family history as he weighs a difficult decision — and Teela begins an important quest. A strange virus grips Eternos.
More Things in Heaven and Eternia
Episode overview
25, 2024
With the Horde's evil plan in place, Skeletor learns the truth about his past. Duncan and Orko seek an old friend's help to enhance the Sword of Power.
The Dogs of War
Episode overview
25, 2024
A conflicted Adam wrestles with regret as Man-At-Arms, Teela and other allies race to defend Eternia, erupting in a violent confrontation.
The Scepter and the Sword
Episode overview
25, 2024
Magic and tech spark chaos in a climactic battle for Castle Grayskull. Can our heroes — and a selfless act — restore hope for Eternia's future?