• : 2005
  • : 18
  • : 4
  • BBC One
  • 21
  • Comedy Drama Romance



Smoke and Shadows
Episode overview
01, 2008
Alice worries that her manager may be after more than a business meeting when she's summoned to the woman's hotel room, Cleo obsesses over a bad review and Milly is strangely drawn to a man's shadow.
Integrated Logistics
Episode overview
08, 2008
Alice bumps into what may be the "Perfect Man" at a cash machine, but their first date includes meeting the family and a spectre from his past. Elsewhere, Cleo and Milly devise a test for Darren's love of Milly.
Dream Twister
Episode overview
15, 2008
Alice's yearly lunch with a college chum is interrupted by an obsessed student; Milly and Cleo try out the speed dating fad.
The Menaced Assassin
Episode overview
22, 2008
Alice's encounter with the anti-terrorism unit of the local police may have something to do with the romantic deceit she engaged in with her latest beau, and Cleo indulges in some sexual games of her own.
Ragged Claws
Episode overview
29, 2008
Alice is swept into the posh life of Matthew Chater; Milly and Cleo find themselves arguing over a tee-shirt, a man, and a funeral.
Sophisticated Lady
Episode overview
05, 2008
Cleo and Milly get in trouble when they access personal health records at the store's chemist in an effort to screen potential dates for Alice; meanwhile, Alice's boyfriend's job may be its own deterrent.
Green Widow
Episode overview
12, 2008
Alice's finances force her to finally let her Brighton flat and look for something cheaper in London.
Lobotomy Bay
Episode overview
19, 2008
Everything seems to be going well with Alice's new bed-in, Douglas, but a message from his ex-girlfriend will plunge them into another round of humiliations and disappointment.
Kiss of Death
Episode overview
26, 2008
Alice is excited by her opportunity to see a play directed by a comedy actor she admires.
Whose God is it Anyway?
Episode overview
03, 2008
Alice's life is in turmoil, although her housing situation has stabilised, and she wonders if her choice about Douglas was correct.
Human Error
Episode overview
10, 2008
Getting used to a new flatmate is difficult, unfortunately Alice's date provides no distraction as it descends into the drama that's typical of her outings.
Episode overview
17, 2008
Alice's loneliness becomes pervasive. Is the solution another date, or will the grand plan finally be revealed?