Liquor Stories

  • : 2014
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  • Swearnet
  • Comedy Documentary



VAT 69
Episode overview
16, 2017
Join James Lahey in a toast to a new season of Liquor Stories! Take a trip down memory lane to a hot summer’s day in New York CIty, and find out the fucked connection between Scottish men and VAT 69!
Duchessa Chianti
Episode overview
27, 2017
Lahey brings us back to a life-changing trip he took to Italy as a young man trying to find himself. He found himself alright, with a bottle of wine, running bulls, and more than one sexy Italian!
Liquor Dreams
Episode overview
16, 2017
Lahey had a liquor epissany while he slept. It was an idea so fucking mind-blowing that he had to bust into SwearNet studios in the middle of the night to share it with you shit weasels before he forgot it!
Let the Liquor Do the Bowling
Episode overview
23, 2017
Lahey leaves his liquor parlour to avenge an 20-year-old injustice. It’s back to the Sunnyvale Bowling Alley, where Lahey was once robbed of a trophy that he rightfully earned!
Benedictine Brandy
Episode overview
09, 2017
It has a foul smell and a foul taste, but Benedictine Brandy does the trick, and it allows Lahey to deliver an inspiring lecture on crossing the shit line. Remember, when you drink with the grain of the liquor, anything can happen!
How to Be a Successful Alcoholic
Episode overview
23, 2017
Join Jim Lahey on a trip down memory lane to his days as a Catholic altar boy, and learn about the trials and liquor tribulations of the young man who would become the supervisor of Sunnyvale Trailer Park.