Industrial Revelations

  • : 2002
  • : 8
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  • Documentary



Boom Time
Episode overview
10, 2002
The introduction of Britain's canal system. Plus, how coal transportation was crucial to the Industrial Revolution.
Pants for All
Episode overview
17, 2002
Mark Williams discovers how comfortable cotton fabrics became available to everyone with the introduction of water-powered textile mills.
Clocking On
Episode overview
24, 2002
Mark Williams discovers how engineer James Brindley tunneled through hills in a straight line, and details the emergence of Josiah Wedgwood's pottery business as a global industry
Pennine Passage
Episode overview
31, 2002
How the Leeds and Liverpool Canal turned two rival counties into hotbeds of activity, bringing wealth to mill owners during the Industrial Revolution.
Working Iron
Episode overview
07, 2002
How Thomas Telford and the Darby family used iron to create new transport routes during the Industrial Revolution.
Coining It
Episode overview
14, 2002
Mark Williams visits Birmingham to experience what life was like during the Industrial Revolution for those employed in the glassworks and jewelry trades.
Cutting Edge
Episode overview
21, 2002
How mass-produced, high-quality steel and the development of structured transport systems in northern England created a world-renowned industry.
The Iron Horse
Episode overview
07, 2002
Mark Williams learns how frantic competition among Welsh rivals drove the development and installation of the world's first steam locomotive