Gossip Girl

  • 8.0
  • : 2007
  • : 121
  • : 118k



Yes, Then Zero
Episode overview
26, 2011
Serena slips up at her new job in Hollywood. Chuck and Nate arrive in Los Angeles and meet up with Serena for a glamorous party. Plans for their wedding come between Louis and Blair. Dan .. show full overview
Beauty and the Feast
Episode overview
03, 2011
Nate reconnects with Diana. Serena urges Charlie to make a difficult decision about her future. Dan asks Chuck to help him stop his book from being published, but finds that Chuck is .. show full overview
The Jewel of Denial
Episode overview
10, 2011
Nate must decide whether to cross moral lines at Diana’s request. Chuck helps Dan come to terms with his fate, just as Dan continues to try to help Chuck break through his emotional .. show full overview
Memoirs of an Invisible Dan
Episode overview
17, 2011
Dan decides to share the truth about his book with Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Rufus and Lily. Blair and Louis hit a crises point after Louis reads Dan's book. Diana learns incriminating information about one of Nate's friends.
The Fasting and the Furious
Episode overview
24, 2011
Blair and Louis find themselves in conflict with his parents during Yom Kippur. Serena's boss forces her to choose between Dan and her new job. Diana prepares to debut the New York .. show full overview
I Am Number Nine
Episode overview
07, 2011
Blair holds a competition for the coveted bridesmaid spots in her upcoming royal wedding. Nate gets help from Charlie to make Diana jealous. Serena has to set aside her feelings about Dan so she can secure the film rights to Dan's book.
The Big Sleep No More
Episode overview
14, 2011
The group attends a provocative theatrical performance and it leads to surprising romantic twists. Diana sets her sights on Serena in her quest to destroy Gossip Girl. Dan's book tour isn't exactly what it seems to his friends.
All The Pretty Sources
Episode overview
21, 2011
Serena is hard at work planning a dream bridal shower for Blair, but it should come as no surprise that Serena has to plant some false information about the shower in order to keep Blair .. show full overview
Rhodes to Perdition
Episode overview
28, 2011
Lily, Charlie and Serena eagerly anticipate the Studio 54 party being thrown in CeCe’s honor. Nate takes on a new role at the Spectator, but his first big story turns out to be about .. show full overview
Riding in Town Cars with Boys
Episode overview
05, 2011
Lily throws Charlie a party to officially introduce her to New York society. Meanwhile, Charlie’s ex-boyfriend, Max, throws a wrench into Charlie’s future as an Upper East Side .. show full overview
The End of the Affair?
Episode overview
16, 2012
Blair's flashbacks reveal the fallout of her and Chuck's car accident, which Nate realizes may have been caused by foul play. Meanwhile, Lily gets a private eye to locate Charlie; and Vera Wang makes an appearance at Blair's bridal-dress fitting.
Father and the Bride
Episode overview
23, 2012
Blair prepares to celebrate her upcoming royal wedding with a bachelorette party. Nate joins forces with a surprising ally. Serena and Dan try to protect someone close to them.
Episode overview
30, 2012
Chuck wrestles with the reality that Blair is about to walk down the aisle with Prince Louis. Georgina's return threatens to throw the royal event into chaos.
The Backup Dan
Episode overview
06, 2012
Blair must make a difficult decision about her future, the consequences of which could hurt those she loves most. Serena takes the blame for an incident with Gossip Girl in order to .. show full overview
Crazy, Cupid, Love
Episode overview
13, 2012
It’s Valentine’s Day and Blair can’t resist playing cupid for someone she loves. Georgina is intent on stirring up more drama and decides to crash Nate’s Valentine’s Day party. Serena is shocked by something she witnesses at the party.
Cross Rhodes
Episode overview
20, 2012
Dan feels honored when he learns that Upright Citizen’s Brigade is performing excerpts from his book, Inside. Blair tries to prove Serena’s suspicions wrong in order to save their .. show full overview
The Princess Dowry
Episode overview
27, 2012
Blair thinks Cyrus may have found a potential loophole in her prenup. Chuck and Georgina partner up in a scheme, but it has an unpredictable outcome. Meanwhile, a family crisis brings William van der Woodsen back to the Upper East Side.
Episode overview
02, 2012
Chuck invites Jack to town as a thank you, but the trip doesn’t go exactly as planned. Blair and Dan's burgeoning romance hits a speed bump. Ivy finds an unlikely ally in William.
It Girl, Interrupted
Episode overview
09, 2012
Serena decides she is ready to relinquish the spotlight and sets out to make a reluctant Lola the next “It Girl” of the Upper East Side, starting with modeling at a Kiki de Montparnasse .. show full overview
Salon of the Dead
Episode overview
16, 2012
To celebrate their official coming out as a couple, Blair and Dan host a glamorous British-themed Salon, including guests Julian Tepper and Jenna Gribbon Lola lands the audition of a .. show full overview
Despicable B
Episode overview
23, 2012
Blair feels like her Upper East Side status might be slipping away and devises a plan to assure that doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, Lily throws a family gathering – including William, Carol .. show full overview
Raiders of the Lost Art
Episode overview
30, 2012
Chuck, Nate, Blair, Serena and Lola team up to uncover what they think is an explosive secret between Diana and Jack. Meanwhile, Dan is offered a prestigious fellowship in Rome for the summer.
The Fugitives
Episode overview
07, 2012
Blair enlists Serena to be her stand-in at an important meeting when Blair finds herself needing to be in two places at the same time. Meanwhile, Ivy and Lola team up to help Chuck with .. show full overview
The Return of the Ring
Episode overview
14, 2012
When Gossip Girl attacks Blair, Serena admits she may be to blame. Nate invites Lola to move in with him. Lily must make a big decision about the future of her marriage.