Get Some In!

  • : 1975
  • : 33
  • : 0
  • ITV1
  • Comedy



V.I.P. Guard
Episode overview
06, 1978
RAF Hospital, Druidswater, has some new arrivals. Ken, Jakey, Leckie and Lilley, back from Malta, have joined the staff. And then there's an incoming VIP patient...
The Patient
Episode overview
13, 1978
Corporal Marsh is installed as a patient in Private Ward D, and four lads are detailed to look after him.
Episode overview
20, 1978
Corporal Marsh is making a rapid recovery, and will soon be due for posting — which means, as Alice points out, the loss of their luxurious new digs.
The Morgue
Episode overview
27, 1978
Marsh is now on the hospital staff, and all set to terrorise the lads. But things can get lost, even in a morgue — with embarrassing results for the Corporal...
Episode overview
04, 1978
AC1 Rankin is obsessed with becoming a bandsman. When Group Captain Ruark details Marsh and the lads to take him for an EEG test, crisis ensues — until Jakey has a bright idea involving a trombone.
Episode overview
11, 1978
Marsh makes a surprise visit to Matthew Lilley's home village. We learn what really happened in Labrador —and Matthew undergoes a radical personality change...
Operation Greenfly
Episode overview
18, 1978
'Operation Greenfly' is a survival exercise involving the marooning of selected RAF personnel on a bleak Scottish island. Naturally, Ruark chooses Corporal Marsh and the four lads. Marsh has other plans..