Freedom Fighters: The Ray

  • : 2017
  • : 12
  • : 46
  • CW Seed
  • 12
  • Action Adventure Animation Fantasy Science-fiction



Episode 1
Episode overview
08, 2017
In Tulsa of Earth-X a branch of Freedom Fighters consisting of The Ray, Dollman, Phantom Lady, Black Condor and Red Tornado are fighting Schutzstaffel squad led by Overgirl, Black Arrow and Blitzkrieg over lives of ceveral civilians.
Episode 2
Episode overview
08, 2017
As The Ray gets wounded trying to save Red Tornado, Vibe intervenes in the fight breaching him to Earth One.
Episode 3
Episode overview
08, 2017
Ray Terrill gets fired from his job while the opportunity of a lifetime breaches in his life.
Episode 4
Episode overview
08, 2017
Ray Terrill tries to make sense of what happened to him and discovers that he now has superpowers.
Episode 5
Episode overview
08, 2017
As John helps Ray to understand his superpowers and persuades him to approach Jacob, Team Flash notices the suspicious radioactivity over Tulsa, a result of Ray's powers.
Episode 6
Episode overview
08, 2017
As Ray Terrill proceeds with his superhero antics and personal life, on Earth-X Vibe gets attacked by Overgirl, Blitzkrieg and Black Arrow.