Freedom Fighters: The Ray

  • : 2017
  • : 12
  • : 46
  • CW Seed
  • 12
  • Action Adventure Animation Fantasy Science-fiction



Episode 1
Episode overview
18, 2018
Barry, Cisco, Oliver and Curtis recruit Ray as a crime-fighter. He is thrown into the thick of things when Mari McCabe (a.k.a. Vixen) seeks their assistance in defeating a giant robot attacking Detroit.
Episode 2
Episode overview
18, 2018
Ray proves instrumental in defeating the giant robot. Oliver offers to train him. After he returns home, his house is attacked by Overgirl, who steals the Red Tornado's cerebral cortex from him.
Episode 3
Episode overview
18, 2018
After being attacked by Overgirl, Ray tells his parents that he has to go away for a while. He comes out to them and they are accepting of his sexuality. Ray has Cisco send him to Earth-X.
Episode 4
Episode overview
18, 2018
On Earth-X, Ray contacts the Resistance in the ruined New York City. Phantom Lady and Black Condor mistake him for his counterpart from their Earth. Ray offers to help them fight the New Reichsmen and retake the cortex from Overgirl.
Episode 5
Episode overview
18, 2018
Ray, Cisco, Phantom Lady, Black Condor and the Resistance are faced with an attack by Overgirl, Black Arrow, Blitzkrieg and the New Reichsmen.
Episode 6
Episode overview
18, 2018
Ray finds the strength and willpower to defeat Overgirl. He opts to stay on Earth-X to assist in the fight against the Reichsmen.