Fare Dodgers: At War with the Law

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  • : 2019
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Fare Dodging Fugitives: On Board & On the Run
Episode overview
21, 2019
Revenue inspector Scott is on the lookout for fare evaders attempting to force their way through the ticket barriers. Alex and Baba join forces with the police in a sting operation along a busy stretch on one of the city's busiest bus routes.
Episode 2
Episode overview
28, 2019
Revenue inspectors Karen and Peter stop dishonest commuters exploiting a transport loophole.
Episode 3
Episode overview
04, 2019
A prolific barrier-blagger is handed an eye-watering bill for three years of illegal travel, while in east London, tube enforcement officers Karen and Peter stop passengers cheating with discounted tickets.
Episode 4
Episode overview
11, 2019
Undercover investigator Dan has a fresh case to crack at Kings Cross as someone pretends to `tap on' the ticket barriers with a declined debit card, before audaciously shuffling his way through the gates behind honest paying travellers.