Family Guy

  • 8.6
  • : 1995
  • : 349
  • : 153k



Into Fat Air
30, 2012
In order to compete with ambitious friends, the Griffins decide to climb Mount Everest.
Ratings Guy
07, 2012
When the Griffins are selected to have their TV-watching habits monitored, Peter hatches a scheme to control the airwaves.
The Old Man and the Big 'C'
04, 2012
Brian learns that Carter Pewterschmidt's company is keeping the cure for cancer from the public in order to drive up profits; Quagmire reveals a secret.
Yug Ylimaf
11, 2012
When Brian accidentally causes Stewie's time machine to make reality run in reverse, the two must fix the problem before Stewie is unborn.
Joe's Revenge
18, 2012
When the criminal who put Joe in the wheelchair becomes a fugitive, Quagmire, Joe and Peter try to hunt him down.
Lois Comes Out of Her Shell
25, 2012
Peter tries to keep up with Lois as she goes through a midlife crisis; Stewie brings home a turtle from the park.
Friends Without Benefits
09, 2012
When Meg learns her crush is gay and interested in Chris, she uses her brother to get closer to him.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph
23, 2012
As the Griffin family is preparing for Christmas, Peter tells his own version of the Nativity story.
Space Cadet
06, 2013
When the Griffins try to pick Chris up from space camp, they find themselves accidentally launched into space and reliant on Chris to get them home.
Brian's Play
13, 2013
Brian writes a play that becomes a hit in Quahog, but loses his confidence when he finds that the play Stewie wrote is better than his.
The Giggity Wife
27, 2013
During a visit to Harvard, Quagmire accidentally marries a prostitute; in an attempt to get out of his marriage, Quagmire pretends that Peter is his lover.
Valentine's Day in Quahog
10, 2013
On Valentine's Day, Meg goes on a date with a guy she met online, and Lois and Peter stay in bed all day; Brian is visited by his ex-girlfriends.
Chris Cross
17, 2013
When Meg catches Chris stealing money from Lois' purse, she makes him do her chores; Chris, tired of the pact with Meg, runs away to live with Herbert; Stewie and Brian become obsessed with singer Anne Murray.
Call Girl
10, 2013
When Lois gets a job at an adults-only phone line to earn extra money, she takes a call from Peter.
Turban Cowboy
17, 2013
An unfortunate sky-diving accident sends Peter to the hospital, where he makes friends with a man named Mahmoud; Quagmire and Joe become suspicious of Mahmoud.
12 and a Half Angry Men
24, 2013
Mayor West becomes the prime suspect when a murder occurs at his mansion.
14, 2013
When Peter resurfaces after being in a plane crash and lost in the wilderness for two months, his family must find a way to bring him back from his animal-like state.
Total Recall
28, 2013
When teddy bear Rupert is recalled, Stewie is determined to get his best friend back; when Peter is sick and can't compete in a bowling tournament, Lois fills in for him.
Save the Clam
05, 2013
Peter and the guys try to save The Drunken Clam from being closed after the bar's owner dies; Meg gets a job at a funeral home.
Farmer Guy
12, 2013
The Griffins move to a farm, where Peter starts a drug business.
Roads to Vegas
19, 2013
Stewie's teleportation machine malfunctions when he and Brian use it to travel to Las Vegas for a Celine Dion concert.
No Country Club for Old Men
19, 2013
When Chris make the acquaintance of the daughter of the owner of the Barrington Country Club, the Griffins are introduced to the new club lifestyle much to the chagrin of Carter. Carter .. show full overview