Ex on the Beach

  • 6.8
  • : 2014
  • : 104
  • : 278



Episode 1
Episode overview
15, 2018
The search for love begins on the beaches of Mexico. Socialite Daisy latches onto Aaron and Essex boy Bobby makes a move on Rhianne, but will the first Ex throw a spanner in the works?​
Episode 2
Episode overview
22, 2018
The dating continues as Bobby and Bayley have a heart to heart. Arron's head gets turned but will he stray from Daisy? New arrivals rock the villa to its core and someone has to leave.
Episode 3
Episode overview
29, 2018
Aaron breaks away from Daisy but can he win over Dominika? A new Ex arrives and threatens to destroy Bobby and Bayley's relationship.
Episode 4
Episode overview
05, 2018
Bobby is left heartbroken by Bayley and Daisy is only too happy to pick up the pieces. Aaron continues to pursue Dominika and a VIP arrival brings drama to the villa.
Episode 5
Episode overview
12, 2018
Will a new arrival spell happiness for Josiah? There's a double blow for Daisy as she's left devastated by her ex and her friendship with the girls is left in tatters.
Episode 6
Episode overview
19, 2018
A new arrival spells trouble for George, giving Bobby a chance for revenge. Natalee seeks the green light from Daisy to crack on with Matty, and Aaron could be playing with fire.
Episode 7
Episode overview
26, 2018
Daisy hopes a new arrival will finally be her Prince. Bobby's affections head back in Rhianne's direction and an Ex-Tra Power brings 'home' to the villa for the first time ever!
Episode 8
Episode overview
03, 2018
Katie gets her Ex-Tra Power which could spell the end of the road for one of the originals, George questions Bayley's trustworthiness and a new ex threatens all the couples.
Episode 9
Episode overview
10, 2018
The new Ex leads to Dominika and Aaron having their biggest fight yet, there's trouble in paradise for Nat and Matty and Alicia gets a surprise for her 21st Birthday.
Episode 10
Episode overview
17, 2018
Daisy and Natalee's bitter feud comes to a head. Bayley gets jealous of George and Katie flirting, and a new arrival makes Alicia emotional in more ways than one.
Episode 11
Episode overview
24, 2018
Alex is given the chance for romance with new 'crazy' Dominika. Natalee and Matty grow closer, and a shocking new arrival could spell the end for George and Bayley.
Episode 12
Episode overview
31, 2018
It's a Day of the Dead finale party. Can the original girls leave as friends? Will any of the couples survive? Or will one final arrival send the villa into an almighty meltdown?