Emergency Call (US)

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  • : 2020
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Take a Deep Breath
Episode overview
28, 2020
911 call takers from Austin, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Wasilla, Alaska, receive calls that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Relive the frightening pleas of a woman whose .. show full overview
Conductors of Chaos
Episode overview
05, 2020
The episode features a mother of three choking on a spatula, a teenager who was attacked at a bonfire party in the wilderness, a frantic father whose 2-year-old daughter goes missing, .. show full overview
Close to Home
Episode overview
12, 2020
911 call takers are faced with a variety of local emergencies that sometimes hit too close to home. Witness 911 call takers in New Orleans, Louisiana; Wasilla, Alaska; Waukesha, .. show full overview
Crime Spree
Episode overview
19, 2020
Emergency call takers can take up to 150 phone calls during one shift. Emergency communications centers in Austin, Texas; Ogden, Utah; and Wasilla, Alaska, are confronted with .. show full overview
Headset Heroes
Episode overview
26, 2020
Emergency call takers receive calls from citizens in distress, in pain or perhaps just lonely. Emergency communications centers in Ogden, Utah; Wasilla, Alaska; New Orleans, Louisiana; .. show full overview