Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

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  • : 2020
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Zoey's Extraordinary Return
Episode overview
05, 2021
Zoey returns to the world after an extended time away and discovers that a lot has changed at work and in her personal life in her absence.
Zoey's Extraordinary Distraction
Episode overview
12, 2021
Zoey's attempts to spend private time with Max are continually thwarted by both Mo and work problems. The Clarke family gets a new guest when Emily's sister, Jenna, comes to "help" with the baby.
Zoey's Extraordinary Dreams
Episode overview
19, 2021
Zoey is haunted by bad dreams that start to affect her personal life. Jenna helps Maggie find her creative spark again.
Zoey's Extraordinary Employee
Episode overview
26, 2021
Zoey tries to "choose happiness" but finds it is easier said than done. David re-evaluates his priorities. Mo and Max face their first real challenge as business partners.
Zoey's Extraordinary Trip
Episode overview
02, 2021
Zoey decides to explore her rebellious side with her neighbor from growing up, Aiden. Max's dad comes to visit.
Zoey's Extraordinary Reckoning
Episode overview
09, 2021
Simon wrestles with his future at SPRQ Point after calling out racial bias at the company. Mo and Max pitch a new investor for their business venture.
Zoey's Extraordinary Memory
Episode overview
28, 2021
Zoey's effort to recreate a cherished memory with Mitch is thwarted by Leif. Max and Mo have their big restaurant opening.
Zoey's Extraordinary Birthday
Episode overview
04, 2021
It's Zoey's 30th birthday, but before she can celebrate properly she must confront her unresolved feelings for the men in her life.
Zoey's Extraordinary Mystery
Episode overview
11, 2021
After going to see a medium, Zoey's powers mysteriously start glitching again.
Zoey's Extraordinary Girls' Night
Episode overview
18, 2021
Zoey gets more than she bargained for when she tries to help Emily with a problem. Maggie reconnects with an old friend. Max, Simon and Mo have a bonding night together.
Zoey's Extraordinary Double Date
Episode overview
02, 2021
Zoey attempts to throw all her energy into her relationship, but things get complicated when a double date doesn't go as planned.
Zoey's Extraordinary Session
Episode overview
09, 2021
In therapy, Zoey reflects back on her unexpectedly profound first day working at SPRQPoint.
Zoey's Extraordinary Goodbye
Episode overview
16, 2021
Zoey must face a difficult goodbye.