Chicago P.D.

  • 8.4
  • : 2014
  • : 148
  • : 4192



The Silos
21, 2016
After Voight is suspected of the murder of his son's killer, Lindsay becomes the target for intense questioning; Burgess gets a new partner with an intriguing history.
Made a Wrong Turn
28, 2016
When a call comes in reporting a car being stripped, Burgess and Tay respond and discover a badly beaten young man and his fiancé missing. Fearing a public relations nightmare Voight and .. show full overview
All Cylinders Firing
05, 2016
When Platt goes to her father Robert's house for dinner, she warns him to be careful with his new girlfriend Natalie. Following dinner, Platt is physically assaulted as she's getting .. show full overview
Big Friends, Big Enemies
12, 2016
When a car plows through a crowd of concert goers and gunfire erupts, Lindsay and Ruzek are on the scene. Unsure of the motive and concerned a terrorist group may be responsible, Voight .. show full overview
A War Zone
26, 2016
Intelligence is tasked with tracking down the dealers of fentanyl - a drug that has been linked to multiple overdoses around the city. As they investigate possible sources, the team .. show full overview
Some Friend
09, 2016
After receiving a complaint from a frustrated neighbor, Burgess and Officer Sorensen arrive to the house of baseball player Jake McCoy, and find the dead body of a 16-year-old girl, Maya .. show full overview
16, 2016
Voight calls the team to investigate a homicide involving the only witness in a rape and murder case against an extremely young man, Oliver Tuxhorn. Intelligence looks into Tuxhorn's .. show full overview
A Shot Heard Around the World
16, 2016
When a young officer is shot dead in the lobby of an apartment building, Intelligence looks to the latest known offenders who have threatened the police. But when a second officer is .. show full overview
Don't Bury This Case (2)
03, 2017
Severide is brought in for questioning after it is discovered that his car has been involved in a deadly crash; Lindsay considers meeting her estranged father. (Some Make It, Some Don't (1) Chicago Fire S05E09)
Don't Read the News
04, 2017
After the body of young woman is found with multiple gunshot wounds, Intelligence uncovers details of her case that are similar to other deaths. They work to link all of these murders .. show full overview
You Wish
11, 2017
When a mutilated sex offender is found dead, it is unclear if he was the victim of a hate crime, sexual assault or self-mutilation. As Intelligence questions those related to the case, .. show full overview
18, 2017
After a female jogger is brutally murdered in the park, Rixton and Atwater arrive to see two suspects fleeing the scene. When the men make their way inside a church, the priest and .. show full overview
I Remember Her Now
08, 2017
The body of a 15-year-old girl is found crushed in an abandoned building after she runs away from a treatment center for troubled girls. Voight sends Halstead undercover as a guard to .. show full overview
Seven Indictments
15, 2017
When a charred body is found in a torched house, Intelligence must work to identify the victim, as well as a young boy who is found badly injured inside. As they look to determine the .. show full overview
Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will
22, 2017
When Lindsay is tipped off about a grieving father looking to avenge his daughter's death, Olinsky goes undercover as a hitman-for-hire. With Gang Intelligence lacking enough evidence to .. show full overview
Emotional Proximity (2)
01, 2017
Olinsky's daughter is in critical condition following a massive warehouse fire; Voight investigates the fire's potential origins; intelligence examines connections between the building .. show full overview
Remember the Devil
22, 2017
After being tipped off about a woman running barefoot through the woods, Intelligence is led to a kidnapping victim locked up in a shipping container. The bizarre scenario leaves Voight .. show full overview
Little Bit of Light
29, 2017
When Chicago's "Night Crawler" Bobby Trent is murdered over a single piece of mysterious footage, Intelligence must investigate one of Chicago's wealthiest families -- uncovering a .. show full overview
Last Minute Resistance
05, 2017
After encouraging her sister to spend a night out with friends, Burgess wakes to find that Nicole never made it home. As the guilt begins to eat at Burgess, the team in Intelligence .. show full overview
Grasping for Salvation
26, 2017
While investigating the murder of a teenage boy, Voight finds a connection with the murder weapon - linking it to a case that he worked on 17 years ago. While the victim's father, a .. show full overview
03, 2017
When the team is called to an in-progress bank robbery, they come across Detective Hailey Upton trying to take over the crime scene with her Robbery-Homicide unit - butting heads with .. show full overview
Army of One
10, 2017
A live video is streamed online showcasing a tortured man being beaten and burned alive. Upon further investigation, the victim's identity is traced back to that of a man who had been .. show full overview
Fork in the Road
17, 2017
In the season finale, when Lindsay receives a panicked call from her mother Bunny whose boyfriend had just been shot, Lindsay must figure out the best way to approach the situation, as .. show full overview