Bounty Hunters (2017)

  • : 2017
  • : 11
  • : 34
  • Sky One
  • 22
  • Action Adventure Comedy Drama



Episode 1
Episode overview
25, 2017
Barnaby Walker decides he's the man to sort out his family's cash-strapped antiques business when a mysterious accident lands his dad in hospital.
Episode 2
Episode overview
01, 2017
Nina is scared for her family's safety and moves them into the Walker home.
Episode 3
Episode overview
08, 2017
The stakes have been seriously raised and now Barnaby and Nina need half a million pounds. And they need it fast.
Episode 4
Episode overview
15, 2017
Talked out of avenging his brother's death, Angel heads to England.
Episode 5
Episode overview
22, 2017
Backed into a corner by Angel, the gang have no choice but to get into the Shermans' super-secure mansion and steal the statues back by force.
Episode 6
Episode overview
29, 2017
Barnaby and Leah fly to Mexico to give the cartel what they were promised once and for all.