Becoming Elizabeth

  • : 2022
  • : 8
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  • Drama History



Keep Your Knife Bright
Episode overview
12, 2022
Following the death of Henry VIII, his three children; Mary, Elizabeth and Edward are now pawns in a dangerous game as the English court is plunged into a race for control of the new .. show full overview
You Cannot Keep The Birds From Flying Over Your Head
Episode overview
19, 2022
Christmas at court, and a controversial masque leaves Protestant Edward and Catholic Mary at odds. Elizabeth finds herself in the middle as Mary, furious at Catherine’s remarriage, .. show full overview
Either Learn Or Be Silent
Episode overview
26, 2022
Elizabeth’s decision to side with one sibling leaves the Lord Protector Somerset trying to maintain the balance between the two opposing religions. As Catherine’s sworn enemy the .. show full overview
Lighten Our Darkness
Episode overview
03, 2022
Having been sent away from Catherine and Thomas’ household, Elizabeth is amongst strangers in the house of Kat’s brother-in-law Antony Denny, and terrified of anyone finding out her .. show full overview
Necessity Compels Me To Plague You
Episode overview
10, 2022
Elizabeth, changed by her experiences, is determined to not fall into the same traps she did when last she was at Chelsea, but the return of Thomas into her life is a new test for her. .. show full overview
What Cannot Be Cured
Episode overview
17, 2022
Thomas’ actions have implicated Elizabeth, and whilst under house arrest, Elizabeth must clear her name as she is interrogated by the Lord Dudley. The Lord Somerset is rocked by his .. show full overview
To Laugh, To Lie, To Flatter, To Face
Episode overview
31, 2022
It’s a new age with a new Lord Protector, and Edward, now free from his uncle Somerset’s influence is emboldened to pursue ever more ruthless Protestant reforms and to seek new alliances.
To Death We Must Stoop
Episode overview
07, 2022
The king is sick and the court that made an enemy of Catholics now faces the possibility of being ruled by one as Mary rides to Whitehall. Mary and Elizabeth are briefly reunited in .. show full overview