B Positive

  • 0.0
  • : 2020
  • : 19
  • : 150



Episode overview
05, 2020
Drew, a recently divorced father, discovers he needs a kidney and finds his donor in the last person he ever would’ve imagined.
Die Alysis
Episode overview
12, 2020
When Drew's condition worsens, he needs to make sure Gina is still serious about donating her kidney and winds up making her an offer she can't refuse.
Foreign Bodies
Episode overview
19, 2020
As Gina makes herself at home in Drew's house, Drew begins to question whether he made the right decision.
Joint Pain
Episode overview
03, 2020
After Drew goes through a rough divorce mediation with Julia, Gina gives him a surprise to boost his spirits.
High Risk Factor
Episode overview
17, 2020
Drew downloads a tracking app to keep an eye on Gina after he begins getting concerned about her reckless behavior.
Open Heart Surgery
Episode overview
21, 2021
Gina needs to keep herself together to pass a psych evaluation while dealing with the news of an ex's engagement.
Phantom Limb
Episode overview
11, 2021
After missing Maddies soccer game due to dialysis, a depressed Drew begins to question if all his sacrifices are worth it.
Integration Therapy
Episode overview
18, 2021
Drew realizes he lost all of his friends after his divorce, which prompts Gina to throw a party for his dialysis group.
B Negative (1)
Episode overview
25, 2021
Drew and Gina start thinking about their futures after Jerry gets a surprise call that he's receiving a new kidney.
B Negative (2)
Episode overview
04, 2021
Drew falls into a deep depression after a friends failed kidney surgery, and its up to Gina to help him out of it.
Recessive Gina
Episode overview
11, 2021
Gina takes Drew and Norma on a road trip to track down her father's medical records.
Canine Extraction
Episode overview
01, 2021
Gina has three days to teach Cannoli the dog new tricks before his owner returns from overseas. Also, Drew must deal with Maddie growing up, at a new time.
Inflammatory Response
Episode overview
08, 2021
Norma moves into Drew's house after she accidentally sets her room on fire at the retirement home. Also, a romance heats up between Gina and Eli.
Love Life Support
Episode overview
15, 2021
Gina sabotages her relationship with Eli after he invites her to a wedding in Las Vegas.
Miss Diagnosis
Episode overview
22, 2021
Drew has his first date since his divorce and Gina helps Eli prepare for an important interview.
A Cute Asphyxiation
Episode overview
29, 2021
Drew and Gina struggle in their new relationships. Also, Norma plans a trip to Italy with Gina.
Episode overview
06, 2021
Gina and Drew plan their futures now that their surgery is finally scheduled.
Life Expectancy
Episode overview
13, 2021
Before their surgeries, Gina looks for a new apartment while Drew celebrates his last day of dialysis.