Keeping Up with the Joneses (2021)

  • : 2021
  • : 7
  • : 1
  • Lifetime
  • 20
  • Crime Drama



The Wrong Nemesis
Episode overview
08, 2022
With new husband Webb now deceased, Robin stands to inherit a fortune with a little help from Sheldon, the family’s lawyer. Carrie’s philanthropic endeavors have always taken a backseat .. show full overview
The Wrong Murder
Episode overview
15, 2022
Nobody, least of all Pam, is sure about the proper way to handle her long lost daughter Eve, so they ask Sheldon for his counsel. Robin meets with Cam Forest, a duplicitous boat owner .. show full overview
The Wrong Marriage
Episode overview
22, 2022
The family is frantic about Webb’s return. Despite the previous tension between Pam and Stephen Napoli, they rekindle their romance in the spirit of working together to uncover Webb’s .. show full overview
The Wrong Inside Man
Episode overview
29, 2022
William French’s diabolical plan to reunite with Kayla is thwarted. Tara displays her smarts once again when she discovers Eve’s true identity and motive. Webb falls for Lance’s ruse .. show full overview