A House Divided

  • : 2019
  • : 36
  • : 2
  • UMC
  • 3
  • Drama Soap



Time of Betrayal
Episode overview
14, 2023
In the season opener, Carissa finds an unlikely ally in Jupiter, while Aunt Mae tightens her hold over the Sanders estate. Cameron Sr. and Stephanie finally come to an understanding while Torrence has a visit from Carlyle.
A Gust of Wind
Episode overview
19, 2023
Cameron Sr. and Aunt Mae meet to talk about the future of the estate; Stephanie gives new and deadly orders to Brother James; Dolan and Nemis dig deeper into all the deaths that surround the Sanders family.
Double or Nothing
Episode overview
26, 2023
The family chooses sides as Summer fulfills her mother's wishes; Torrence confronts Cameron Jr.
This Ends Today
Episode overview
02, 2023
Cameron Sr. starts to come unglued as Dolan leans on Torrence; Brad decides to make a political move as Brother James questions his new role in the Sanders family; Jupiter and Nemis start working together; Eileen gets a warning to run.
Dark Storm
Episode overview
09, 2023
Cameron Jr. and Britney find themselves at odds as Britney lays down what needs to happen; Stephanie realizes something terrible about her father; Carissa's hired hand takes things too far.
It's Been Too Long
Episode overview
16, 2023
Jupiter does one last favor for Cameron Sr.; Stephanie uses Brother James to start cleaning house, but he is having doubts; Carissa makes a move to tie up loose ends.
Clean up Shop
Episode overview
23, 2023
Dolan tells Stephanie how much danger she is in from Carlyle; Brother James gives Summer one last piece of advice; Carissa and Cameron Sr. finally have their face-to-face meeting at the barrel of a gun.
New Beginnings
Episode overview
01, 2023
Britney and the Pastor have it out once and for all. Jupiter decides to make a huge change. Torrence makes a hard decision about Cameron Sr. after finding out the truth about his father.