• Estreia: Mar 2006
  • Episódios: 6
  • Seguidores: 21
  • Acabou
  • FX
  • Terça-Feira
  • Action Adventure Crime Drama Thriller


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Temporada 1
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 28, 2006
Nick Atwater is a thief who has done a good job of separating his profession from his personal life. However, this all changes after a botched heist reveals all. Later on, Nick returns .. show full overview
I Ain't Goin' to Jail for Anyone
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 04, 2006
Nick makes plans for his next heist as he attends a funeral. His next target is the U.S. government by stealing $30 million from a plane heading toward Columbia while it's in flight. .. show full overview
Everything That Rises Must Converge
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 11, 2006
Nick needs to get into Roz's safe so the crew can pull of their airliner job, but Vincent happens to have Roz's cell phone so his moments are numbered. Meanwhile, Hayes ends up taking a .. show full overview
No Direction Home
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 18, 2006
Nick realizes that he must hide Tammi after he has a confrontation with Vincent. Meanwhile, Gabo and Jacke end up clashing and the crew's heist plans run into some major trouble.
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 25, 2006
Nick finds out that Tammi has run away which also happens to be the day of the planned heist. Meanwhile, Nick gets an unexpected visit from Hayes.
1x6 Final da série
In the Wind
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mai 02, 2006
In the season finale, Nick ends up facing another personal tragedy as the crew struggles to escape out of New Orleans after their heist was plagued with mistake after mistake.

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