The Good Wife

  • Pontuação 8.7
  • Estreia: Set 2009
  • Episódios: 156
  • Seguidores: 6611
  • Classificação #110
  • Acabou
  • CBS
  • Domingo às 9


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Temporada 3 Discuss
A New Day
Data de estreia
Set 25, 2011
The staff at Lockhart & Gardner adjust to new realities and relationships. Alicia must put aside distractions in her personal life to defend a Muslim student accused of murdering a Jewish classmate.
The Death Zone
Data de estreia
Out 02, 2011
Alicia discovers she must become an expert on English law when a libel case she wins involving a businessman from Britain becomes an international matter after it is retried and transferred to a court in England via satellite.
Get a Room
Data de estreia
Out 09, 2011
Alicia and Will go toe-to-toe with his ex during a court-ordered mediation. Eli and Diane clash over the best way to handle a dairy company’s PR disaster.
Feeding the Rat
Data de estreia
Out 16, 2011
Alicia takes a pro bono case in which a witness quickly becomes the prime suspect. Will and Diane plot the firm’s direction and their futures.
Marthas and Caitlins
Data de estreia
Out 23, 2011
When Alicia's key witness commits suicide, she must turn to the only person whose testimony can salvage her case. Eli makes big moves on Peter's behalf.
Affairs of State
Data de estreia
Out 30, 2011
Alicia wades through diplomatic loopholes to defend a Taiwanese national. Eli is approached by his ex-wife to vet her for a possible political campaign.
Executive Order 13224
Data de estreia
Nov 06, 2011
Alicia worries that she will break confidentiality when the Treasury Department forces her to report on her latest client. Peter reluctantly digs into Will's past transgressions.
Death Row Tip
Data de estreia
Nov 13, 2011
In order to keep a client from being convicted of murder, Alicia must obtain a stay of execution for a guilty man. Eli tries to stay ahead of a client's possible scandal.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Data de estreia
Nov 20, 2011
Tensions are high at Lockhart & Gardner as Alicia and Will argue in front of a mercurial military judge, Eli’s confidence is shaken and Diane issues an ultimatum to protect the firm.
Parenting Made Easy
Data de estreia
Dez 04, 2011
A routine arbitration turns into a battle of wills between Alicia and Louis, but the pair makes an unexpected connection when a personal crisis interrupts the proceedings.
What Went Wrong
Data de estreia
Dez 11, 2011
As Alicia looks for a way to have a judgment thrown out following a shocking guilty verdict, she also begins to feel the consequences of decisions in her personal life.
Alienation of Affection
Data de estreia
Jan 08, 2012
Lockhart & Gardner faces trouble when a recently divorced couple claims they influenced their separation for their own personal gain.
Bitcoin for Dummies
Data de estreia
Jan 15, 2012
Alicia defends a client charged with protecting the identity of the creator of an illegal currency.
Another Ham Sandwich
Data de estreia
Jan 29, 2012
With her investigation complete, Wendy presents her evidence against Will to the grand jury in hopes of sending him to prison for bribery. Eli and Stacie Hall square off once again.
Live from Damascus
Data de estreia
Fev 19, 2012
Lockhart & Gardner leads a class action suit against a software company that allowed the Syrian government to 'disappear' American citizens. Will faces a hard decision in the wake of the Grand Jury proceedings.
After the Fall
Data de estreia
Mar 04, 2012
While power grabs are being made at the firm, Alicia and Caitlin square off against an old foe. Peter discovers the price of taking the moral high ground.
Long Way Home
Data de estreia
Mar 11, 2012
Alicia must once again aid Colin when a sexual misconduct claim derails his attempt to win back control of his company. Cary is faced with a moral dilemma when Peter tasks him with enforcing office policies.
Gloves Come Off
Data de estreia
Mar 18, 2012
Alicia once again faces Louis in court, but recent financial concerns lead her to reconsider his standing job offer. Diane reconnects with the enigmatic Jack Copeland.
Blue Ribbon Panel
Data de estreia
Mar 25, 2012
Alicia is assigned to be on a blue-ribbon panel that is investigating a police shooting, but she soon begins to question the actions of the panel chairman.
Pants on Fire
Data de estreia
Abr 15, 2012
As Alicia counsels a client whether to accept a strict plea deal, she's distracted by Peter's newest political rival, whose actions force her back into the public spotlight.
The Penalty Box
Data de estreia
Abr 22, 2012
Alicia defends a judge against misconduct charges stemming from his days as a prosecutor. Cary makes a career decision and Kalinda deals with the repercussions of Agent Delaney's investigation.
3x22 Final da temporada
The Dream Team
Data de estreia
Abr 29, 2012
Will and Diane scramble when Louis and Patti team up to bankrupt the firm. Alicia faces conflicted feelings regarding her relationship with Peter. Kalinda's past catches up to her.

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