The Carrie Diaries

  • Classificação #147
  • Estreia: Jan 2013
  • Episódios: 26
  • Seguidores: 5050
  • Acabou
  • The CW
  • Sexta-Feira às 20
  • Comedy Drama Romance


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Temporada 2
Win Some, Lose Some
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Out 25, 2013
After Carrie’s boyfriend Sebastian and best friend Maggie betrayed her last season, Carrie is determined to make the most of her summer, living with Walt in Manhattan – and all the grit .. show full overview
Express Yourself
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 01, 2013
Carrie and Walt are faced with kicking out their new roommate when she makes herself too comfortable. Walt summons the courage to tell Bennet how he feels about him at his eighteenth .. show full overview
Strings Attached
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 08, 2013
Larissa returns from her summer in Kyoto and insists on taking Carrie and Walt to a fabulous Japanese festival in the city, where Larissa meets Samantha, with an explosive result. .. show full overview
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 15, 2013
Carrie pitches Larissa a profile on New York wunderkind playwright Adam Weaver, but when he proves a difficult, yet fascinating, interview, Carrie’s job is on the line. Bennet’s rules in .. show full overview
Too Close for Comfort
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 22, 2013
When Sebastian learns that his mother is getting remarried, he asks for Carrie's dad to make sure she is legally protected. Carrie is furious when she discovers that Weaver has secretly .. show full overview
The Safety Dance
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Dez 06, 2013
When Carrie struggles with writer’s block, Weaver tries to help but gets in the way. Maggie and Sebastian grow closer after learning some shocking news. When Bennet moves to a dangerous .. show full overview
I Heard a Rumor
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Dez 13, 2013
Carrie is shocked when she reads a nasty rumor about her in a New York City gossip rag, but Samantha has a plan to set the record straight. Walt steps in when Bennet feels taken .. show full overview
The Second Time Around
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Dez 20, 2013
Carrie is delighted when she gets the chance to interview the CEO of Bongo Jeans – but the pressure is on when Larissa tells Carrie that this is her last chance to land a piece in .. show full overview
Under Pressure
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 03, 2014
Larissa gives Carrie some harsh advice about her relationship with Sebastian. When Harlan asks Tom to work overnight on a top-secret case, Dorrit decides to throw an impromptu .. show full overview
Date Expectations
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 10, 2014
Walt and Bennet get some devastating news that forever changes their future. Sebastian gets an exciting work opportunity, causing him to bail on Carrie on Valentine’s Day, much to her .. show full overview
Hungry Like the Wolf
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 17, 2014
When Bennet starts slacking at work, Carrie tries to cover for him. However, when Larissa finds out, things backfire big time for them both. Samantha makes an uncharacteristic decision .. show full overview
This Is the Time
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 24, 2014
Carrie, Mouse, Maggie, and Walt decide to go to their senior prom – at The Waldorf Astoria – together for a final hurrah. Larissa offers Carrie an opportunity that makes her rethink her .. show full overview
2x13 Final da série
Run to You
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 31, 2014
Things grow increasingly tense between Carrie and Tom. When Larissa drops an unexpected bomb on Carrie, Sebastian decides he, too, needs to come clean about something. Maggie turns to .. show full overview

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