My Brilliant Friend

  • Pontuação 0.0
  • Estreia: Nov 2018
  • Episódios: 16
  • Seguidores: 196
  • Classificação #1735
  • A decorrer
  • HBO
  • Segunda-Feira às 10


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Temporada 1
The Dolls
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 18, 2018
The disappearance of her old friend, Lila Cerrullo, causes 60-year-old author Elena Greco to reflect on the early days of their friendship in 1950s Naples, when Elena and Lila are two .. show full overview
The Money
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 19, 2018
As fourth grade draws to an end, Elena and Lila fight with their families for the chance to continue their education. Later, a trip out of town becomes a day Elena will never forget, and a death changes things in the neighborhood forever.
The Metamorphoses
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 25, 2018
Now a teenager, Elena grapples with the onset of puberty, her studies and her friendship with Lila, who now works in her family's shoe-repair store. After a library awards ceremony .. show full overview
Dissolving Boundaries
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Nov 26, 2018
Entering high school, Elena vows to stay ahead of Lila, academically and romantically. Lila eschews a parade of suitors vying for her affection, choosing instead to focus on her .. show full overview
The Shoes
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Dez 02, 2018
Elena grows tired of Gino, while Lila rejects two potential suitors at a cost; a rare outing into the city turns violent; Elena worries about not being there for Lila after accepting an invitation to spend the summer away from the neighborhood.
The Island
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Dez 03, 2018
On the island of Ischia, Elena runs into the Sarratore family, reigniting her childhood crush on Nino; Lila's resistance to Marcello's pressing courtship reaches a breaking point; an unexpected encounter leaves Elena shaken on her 15th birthday.
The Fiancés
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Dez 09, 2018
Elena returns to Naples to find Lila has made a romantic connection with Stefano, despite the looming presence of Marcello.
1x8 Final da temporada
The Promise
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Dez 10, 2018
With sales of Cerullo shoes lagging, Stefano cuts a business deal with the Solaras; after Elena gets kicked out of a class for voicing her opinion, Nino encourages her to write an article about her experience for his magazine.

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