• Pontuação 8.0
  • Estreia: Abr 1994
  • Episódios: 7
  • Seguidores: 10
  • Classificação #8395
  • Acabou
  • BBC Two
  • Domingo às 8


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Temporada 1
Episode 1
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 10, 1994
Dr. Lydgate, a young and ambitious doctor arrives in the town of Middlemarch and is immediately drawn into local politics. Dorothea Brooke marries Reverend Casaubon against her family's .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 17, 1994
Young and idealistic Dorothe Brooke is spending honeymoon with her middleaged husband in Rome, Italy. While there she meets her husband's artistic young cousin.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 24, 1994
Mr. Casaubon sends an ultimatum to Will Ladislaw. Dorothea's life undergoes great upheaval. Dr. Lydgate's and his wife Rosamond's financial troubles begin.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mai 01, 1994
Dorothea is learning to live as a widow, Rosamond gets into an accident, and Bulstrode's old acquaintance arrives in Middlemarch.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mai 08, 1994
Dr. Lydgate's financial position continues to deteriorate and he is forced to take a loan using the furnishings in his house as collateral. When he shares this information with his wife .. show full overview
Episode 6
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mai 15, 1994
Dr. Lydgate's finances have reached a crisis and many of his furnishings are repossessed. Unbeknownst to him, his wife Rosamond has written to his uncle Godwin asking for £1000 but he responds directly to Lydgate in a most deprecating manner.
1x7 Final da série
The Making of Middlemarch
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mai 22, 1994
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