• Estreia: Jan 1986
  • Episódios: 75
  • Seguidores: 13
  • Acabou
  • BBC One
  • Sexta-Feira às 20
  • Comedy Crime Drama Mystery


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Temporada 1
The Firefly Cage
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 10, 1986
Having hired Eric Catchpole as an apprentice, Lovejoy sets out to unravel the meaning of a Japanese firefly cage.As Lovejoy and Eric are in hot pursuit (on Eric's motorbike) of a lovely .. show full overview
The Axeman Cometh
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 17, 1986
Lovejoy buys a Welsh dresser at Charlie Gimbert's auction, and hidden inside it he finds a rich Arab head-dress, festooned with gold ducats. Catesby, recently out of prison and the son .. show full overview
The Sting
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 20, 1986
Lovejoy sets out to help a young woman to trace a pair of Meissen figures which she sold to raise cash for a drug habit. When he comes across evidence of a double-cross by Charlie Gimbert, he decides to get even.
Friends, Romans and Enemies
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 31, 1986
A robbery at the local museum seems to be connected with the death of a local forger, and Lovejoy goes on the trail of a hoard of Roman coins in the Isle of Man. Two Americans are also after the coins.
The Judas Pair
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 07, 1986
The wife and brother of a man killed with a fabulous pair of Regency duelling pistols engage Lovejoy to find them and thus bring about the downfall of the murderer. In the process, .. show full overview
To Sleep No More
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 14, 1986
Sam Wendell, an old forger, dies of a heart attack while being pursued by a mysterious priest, leaving behind one of his small forgeries. Sam had told his wife it was the key to a .. show full overview
The Real Thing
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 21, 1986
Needing a break from Charlie, Lovejoy takes a job for a few days at a new antiques market in Norwich owned by a client of Jane's. He soon realizes the boss is a con-man and sets out to .. show full overview
The March of Time
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 28, 1986
Lovejoy finds a bundle of old love letters hidden in the back of an antique clock. He quickly falls for the owner, but are the letters genuine? Under the name of 'Captain Lovejoy', he sets out to find the answer.
Death and Venice (1)
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 07, 1986
Lovejoy travels to Venice to investigate the murder of a friend. The dead friend had bought a painting Lovejoy believed was a fake. In Venice, he is drawn into an ambitious art swindle, and identical twins Caterina and Lavinia are behind the scam.
1x10 Final da temporada
Death and Venice (2)
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 14, 1986
In Venice, Lovejoy gets a job working for Caterina and Lavinia, with a view to busting their scam, and meets a Scottish forger called 'Lucky' Luciano. Lovejoy and Lucky together unravel the mystery of the Island of Rats.

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