A.K.A. Pablo

  • Classificação #
  • Estreia: Mar 1984
  • Episódios: 6
  • Seguidores: 0
  • Acabou
  • ABC (US)
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Temporada 1
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 06, 1984
Paul Rodriguez played aspiring TV comic Paul Rivera in this short-lived sitcom. He was dubbed Pablo by his Mexican-American family. Paul's routine was ethnic humor and as a result it .. show full overview
The Big Mouth
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 13, 1984
Paul's jokes about his family delight Merv Griffin and his studio audience, but infuriate everyone watching at Paul's home.
1x6 Final da série
My Son, the Gringo
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 20, 1984
Mexican pride takes a beating as an imperious press agent ( played by Bea Arthur) tries to Americanize Paul's image, and his nephew Tomas flunks Spanish!
The Presidential Joke Teller
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 27, 1984
Paul's stopped for speeding on his way to entertain at a Presidential dinner, and the police find his story hard to swallow when they find him wearing sneakers, carrying the wrong ID and packing his prop knife.
The Whole Enchilada
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 03, 1984
An announcement that Paul will have his own series affects his niece's quinceanera-the festive celebration of a girl's 15th birthday-like a bat on a pinata.
The Woman Who Came to Dinner
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 10, 1984
The Arrival of Sylvia's attractive dinner guest ( played by Ada Maris) provides an opportunity for the men to show who really rules the roost in the battling Rivera household.

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