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You Look Like a Slut
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Wrz 25, 2015
Eva is in her first year at school and has fallen out with her old friends Ingrid and Sara. She only knows her boyfriend Jonas and his friend Isak at school. She is convinced to go to a school party where she meets several new people.
Jonas, This Is Completely Stupid
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Paź 02, 2015
During the fall holiday, Eva, Jonas, and Isak go on a cabin trip. Eva is annoyed because her boyfriend invited Isak along. The tension between them rises when she suspects Jonas is keeping secrets.
We Are the Biggest Losers at School
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Paź 09, 2015
Back at school Eva befriends Noora in her Spanish class. They and Sana are invited by Vilde and Chris to join them in getting a bus for the graduation celebration when they start russ in three years.
Go For It You Little Slut
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Paź 16, 2015
Sana and Vilde want Eva to get in touch with Christoffer from third year, in the hopes they will be invited to a party with the third year boys, among them the most popular boy in school William.
What Is it That Makes You Horny?
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Paź 23, 2015
Eva invites Jonas for dinner to meet her mom. Vilde is falling for William, and the girls visits the school doctor to get contraceptives because Vilde has decided she wants to lose her virginity.
You Know When Guys Are Lying
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Paź 30, 2015
Eva suspects that Jonas is cheating on her with her former friend Ingrid, and meets Isak to talk about it. Vilde reveals details about her and William. The girls go to a Halloween party Christoffer invited them to.
I Always Think It's Me That's Something Wrong With
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Lis 13, 2015
After kissing Christoffer on Halloween Eva feels guilty, and asks Isak for counsel. Noora wants Vilde to stand up for herself and stop caring for William after he started ignoring her for other girls.
The Whole School Hates Me
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Lis 20, 2015
Everyone knows about what happened on Halloween, and the entire school is gossiping about Eva. Jonas won't talk to her and on top of things Vilde finds out about her past. William starts to show interest for Noora.
It Is What You Do
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Lis 27, 2015
Eva gets a threatening letter, and Vilde decides to leave the bus crew. Eva is thinking about changing to another school, while trying to find out who wrote the letter.
I Think You've Been Completely Psycho
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Gru 04, 2015
The girls start to get worried something is wrong with Vilde. Eva talks with Jonas after not talking for a long time. The girls go to a Christmas party, and Eva decides to confront Isak.
A Damn Stupid Choice
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Gru 11, 2015
Vilde reveals that she thinks she may be pregnant. William continues to flirt with Noora. Isak and Eva talk things out, and Eva decides to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Jonas.
1x12 finał sezonu
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Gru 09, 2018
Recording erros of the first season.

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