Mystery Road

  • Wynik 0.0
  • Premiera: Sie 2013
  • Odcinki: 12
  • Obserwujący: 37
  • Pozycja #4377
  • Trwający
  • ABC (AU)
  • Niedziela w 8


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Sezon 2
The Road
Episode overview
Data emisji
Kwi 19, 2020
A decapitated body washes up in the mangroves, drawing Jay Swan to the furtive township of Gideon. It seems drug-related but is it also familiar? Partnered with local cop, Fran, Jay must unlock what the community knows.
The Flare
Episode overview
Data emisji
Kwi 26, 2020
Jay and Fran have Dylan on the hook, until a local businessman steps in and bails him out. Jay takes matters into his own hands to rectify the situation. Fran's world comes crashing down as a long-held fear suddenly surfaces.
Episode overview
Data emisji
Maj 03, 2020
Struggling with Mary's new relationship, Jay reluctantly uses Simon's help to narrow in on the drugs and murder investigation. With the discovery of the bones, Fran is determined to reopen Zoe's case on her own.
Episode overview
Data emisji
Maj 10, 2020
With the case apparently solved Jay is being encouraged to leave town, but something isn't adding up. Jay begins to question the motives of all those around him. Fran is dealt another blow in the search for justice for Zoe.
To Live with the Living
Episode overview
Data emisji
Maj 17, 2020
Now in danger, Mary must lean into Jay for help. Jay struggles to keep Mary safe as the threat closes in on both of them. Fran feels betrayed as she digs deeper into Zoe's disappearance.
2x6 finał sezonu
What You Do Now
Episode overview
Data emisji
Maj 24, 2020
Jay is lured into a trap to rescue Mary and an epic gun battle erupts. Fran finally gets answers about Zoe and some closure, but it won't be in the form she expects.

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