How the States Got Their Shapes

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Red State vs. Blue State
Data emisji
Wrz 29, 2012
It's a rivalry that tears us apart every four years, but how did our nation divide into red states vs. blue states, and what happens to the states caught in the middle?
White Collar vs. Blue Collar
Data emisji
Wrz 29, 2012
Deep in the Rust Belt the white collar and blue collar divide has shaped our cities and our states. How did this rivalry change the way we all bring home the bacon?
Hillbilly vs. Redneck
Data emisji
Paź 06, 2012
Two underdogs of American culture go head to head to prove how hillbillies and rednecks have shaped our states.
Hatfields vs. McCoys
Data emisji
Paź 06, 2012
America's most iconic rivalry was more than just a feud between families. The fight between the Hatfields and McCoys nearly launched a war between two states.
North vs. South
Data emisji
Paź 13, 2012
It's America's original rivalry, a divide that was so wide it took a war to close the gap. But have we really reunited, or are we still fighting a culture war?
Bigfoot vs. Aliens
Data emisji
Paź 13, 2012
America is a nation under siege by unexplained phenomena. Whether you're afraid of Bigfoot or alien invasion might depend on what state you call home.
Great Lakes, Big Stakes
Data emisji
Paź 20, 2012
Battles over access to lakefront property have made the Great Lakes region the most contested land on the entire map, and even pushed the states to a border war.
Battle of the Bible Belt
Data emisji
Paź 20, 2012
With 85% of Americans affiliated with an organized religion, we're a nation of believers, but have we always practiced what we preached?
Vice vs. Virtue
Data emisji
Paź 27, 2012
Americans have a lot of vices and they don't just stay in Vegas. From drugs to gambling, the state you live in may shape how bad you can be.
Midwest vs. The Rest
Data emisji
Paź 27, 2012
It's the glue that holds our map together and feeds America, but the Midwest is more than just state fairs and flyover country.
Is West Best?
Data emisji
Lis 03, 2012
Americans have been racing to tame the West since they first set foot on the continent, but now that the West has been won, what's next? Is the West still the best.
City vs. Country
Data emisji
Lis 03, 2012
In the battle between city and country, it looks like the city is coming out ahead in population, but is there something about the country that all the city slickers are missing? And .. show full overview
East vs. West
Data emisji
Lis 10, 2012
The squabble between east coast and west coast leaves the rest of the country stuck in the middle. It's a rivalry that has made its way into our popular culture, but is there any common ground in this continental tug of war?
Rebels & Outlaws
Data emisji
Lis 17, 2012
We may be a law-abiding nation but we also admire the outlaw, and the clash between rebels and the rules has shaped our states. Which states like to make their own rules, and which do the heat have on lockdown?
Mess with Texas
Data emisji
Lis 24, 2012
Everything is bigger in Texas. It's the only state that acts like a country, but has it grown too big for its britches? We'll mess with Texas to settle this ten-gallon rivalry.
State vs. State
Data emisji
Gru 08, 2012
We're the United States, but sometimes, it's every state for itself. Nearly every state has pulled a power play that gamed the system and changed the map. How much can you get away with when it's state vs. state?
Rich vs. Poor
Data emisji
Gru 08, 2012
Money makes the world go 'round and in America, the pursuit of fortune and riches has shaped our states. Some states have built enormous economies on resources like gold, oil, or .. show full overview
Big vs. Small
Data emisji
Gru 15, 2012
Does size matter when you're a state? While the giants like to throw their weight around, there are some scrappy underdogs that have made their mark on the map.
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The United Shapes of America
Data emisji
Gru 22, 2012
After three years on the road, host Brian Unger is taking a different look at just how our states got their shapes. We'll hear about the unique American values that have made this .. show full overview

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