The Smoking Room

  • in première gegaan: Jun 2004
  • Afleveringen: 16
  • Volgers: 5
  • Afgelopen
  • BBC Three
  • Dinsdag op 21
  • Comedy


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Seizoen 1
Do De Dum De Da
Episode overview
Jun 29, 2004
The cast of The Smoking Room are introduced as they try to remember the theme tune to, 'Little House On The Prairie'. Barry has an interview, he thinks it's between him and 'Alky .. show full overview
Episode overview
Jul 06, 2004
Death visits the regulars of The Smoking Room. Martin [a colleague] has dropped dead in Asda and more importantly (to Annie), so has her pet rabbit. No reason to close the office ealry though, according to Sharon.
Episode overview
Jul 13, 2004
There is a distinct lack of enthusiasm amongst the smokers for Sharon's paintballing trip. Janet doesn't seem that keen either, maybe that's why she's written 'pantball' on the posters. .. show full overview
Light My Fire
Episode overview
Jul 20, 2004
To the annoyance of a Japanese client, nobody in the smoking room has a lighter. To the annoyance of Janet, the Japanese client is annoyed! She's not too impressed with Clint's Yoda .. show full overview
Chocolate Box
Episode overview
Jul 27, 2004
It's Valentines Day and a box of chocolates has been left in the smoking room, but an ambiguous and badly spelt note left with them makes the identity of the recipient unclear. Clint .. show full overview
Feeding Time
Episode overview
Aug 03, 2004
It's lunch-hour and it's raining. Janet is supposed to be getting Sharon's lunch, but she's more concerned about keeping her hair dry. A magazine questionnaire reveals more about the .. show full overview
Only Temporary
Episode overview
Aug 10, 2004
A new temp has arrived and she has already managed to get Barry out of his trousers. Barry is smitten with her, but Len dreams only of Mickey Mouse. Lilian is back from her holiday, with cheap cigarettes and tales of 'Aristotle'.
1x8 Seizoensfinale
Happy Birthday
Episode overview
Aug 17, 2004
It's Lilian's birthday: Yvonne and Lois are organising nibbles, Annie is trying to chat Robin up and Sharon's attempts to mix with her workforce succeed only in driving Gordon to drink. Robin is hoping Ben from the post room will finally turn up.

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