Sacred Lies

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Chapter One: The Singing Bones
Feb 20, 2020
Harper, a reclusive online investigator, breaks open a cold case. Elsie, a troubled foster kid, tries to recall the song linking her to a mother she barely remembers – and to Peter, a convict with dark secrets.
Chapter Two: The Siren Song
Feb 20, 2020
Peter opens up to Elsie about the origins of the song that haunts them both. Harper pursues the Cherry Falls investigation - against the Sheriff's wishes - with the help of an inside source.
Chapter Three: Case 20-054
Feb 20, 2020
Harper finds an unexpected ally, exposing shocking information about Elsie’s family. Elsie struggles to remember her mother’s face. Peter digs up his violent past.
Chapter Four: Family Portrait
Feb 27, 2020
Elsie joins Harper’s investigation and helps track down a suspect. Peter takes a trip that reveals his inner demons.
Chapter Five: Prom Night
Mrt 05, 2020
Harper faces the consequences of her unconventional detective work while Elsie reunites with a friend. Peter tries to prove himself to his father – and to Elsie.
Chapter Six: Monsters and Men
Mrt 12, 2020
The source of Harper’s obsession hits close to home. Catch up on the sixth episode ofSacred Lies: The Singing Bones.
Chapter Seven: The Hunt
Mrt 19, 2020
Harper and Elsie track Peter to his hometown. Harper and Peter’s histories collide in an unexpected way, and Elsie finds herself in the center of a twisted ritual.
Chapter Eight: Dark Knights
Mrt 26, 2020
Harper has a breakthrough connecting the Cherry Falls Jane Does to Elsie’s mother. Peter relives the night he met Wendy. Elsie, alone again, accepts a surprising lifeline.
Chapter Nine: Bloodline
Apr 02, 2020
Harper follows a promising lead on Elsie’s family. Peter takes Elsie to an important place from her past, helping her access the truth about her mother.
2x10 Seriefinale
Chapter Ten: With the Dancing Lions
Apr 09, 2020
Peter tells Elsie the end of the story. Harper races to find Elsie before it’s too late.

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