Robson Arms

  • in première gegaan: Jun 2005
  • Afleveringen: 39
  • Volgers: 2
  • Afgelopen
  • CTV
  • Vrijdag op 22
  • Comedy


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Seizoen 3
Gila Monster
Episode overview
Feb 26, 2008
After a long time on the real estate market, Robson Arms finally has new owners, who give Yuri the unenviable task of kicking out a tenant who is behind on the rent.
Geeks In Love
Episode overview
Feb 27, 2008
Fred and Alicia are married and living happily ever after, until Fred brings home a co-worker who becomes a fly in their wedded-bliss ointment.
Cherchez La Femme
Episode overview
Mrt 10, 2008
Nick's world tour is over and he's back at home at Robson Arms, where all is as it was before. There's just one little change that Nick has to tell Hal about... his new Belgian wife, Anke.
Mean Girls
Episode overview
Apr 28, 2008
When Bobbi joins SWUT (Single Women United Together) it feels like she's been transported back to the glory days of high school. Popularity contests, backbiting, cruel practical jokes: .. show full overview
Episode overview
Mei 05, 2008
Sault is down on her luck when she decides to try a little positive thinking. No sooner has she tried a few happy thoughts when BAM - her nemesis gets taken out of the picture and she .. show full overview
I Pagliaci
Episode overview
Mei 12, 2008
Geoff and Stanley have a surprise houseguest - Stanley's ex-wife Frances. Their walk down memory lane leads to a bizarre love triangle of operatic proportions. It could be the last bump .. show full overview
Prince of Nigeria
Episode overview
Mei 19, 2008
Hal and Nick have steady jobs and think their lives are finally on track. Until Hal's father Ramon crashes at their pad and causes Hal and Nick to reconsider their options. One of them makes a drastic life change to avoid Ramon's fate.
Wrong And Wronger
Episode overview
Mei 26, 2008
Everyone loves Carol's new beau Matt. Too bad she's falling for Jason, the wrong guy who insults all her friends. Now she has to choose between everyone's Mr. Perfect and her own guilty pleasure.
No Sex in the City
Episode overview
Jun 02, 2008
Sault has landed a magazine column that looks at city living for the single gal. Life is great, until Sault's too-perfect sister Alex shows up with a plan that makes her feel like the .. show full overview
Trixie's Honour
Episode overview
Jun 16, 2008
Trixie and Chuck are at odds over Robson Arms. Trixie wants to finish repairs on the building and apply for a condo status, while Chuck would rather take the money and run. An intricate .. show full overview
Baby? What Baby?
Episode overview
Jun 23, 2008
Bobbi meets the man of her dreams – Dr. Jordan Cohen: good-looking, wealthy, charming and head-over-heels for Bobbi. There's just one problem – he hates kids. Can she make Dr. Heartthrob .. show full overview
My Brother's Keeper
Episode overview
Jun 24, 2008
Yuri's brother Val is under house arrest - in Yuri's house. Unwelcome Val is full of brotherly advice for Yuri, who isn't interested in hearing it. Instead, he puts Val to work to get .. show full overview
3x13 Seriefinale
Episode overview
Jun 30, 2008
Robson Arms tenants are divided into pro and anti condo factions. Caught in the middle of the storm is Fred, who under the spell of his childhood hero Chuck, coerces a sweet old lady .. show full overview

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