Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World

  • in première gegaan: Jul 2007
  • Afleveringen: 14
  • Volgers: 4
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  • Animation Comedy


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Seizoen 2
Labor Day
Episode overview
Nov 11, 2008
As Dana struggles through a days-long labor and the never-ending bickering of her parents, Rick learns some secrets about Steve's past and Evan becomes an internet sensation.
Episode overview
Nov 18, 2008
Rick, Steve, Dana, and Kirsten run out of gas on the way back from the hospital with the new baby. When Steve and Dana set off on a quest to get gas, they quickly find that they're not in West Lahunga Beach anymore.
Mom Fight
Episode overview
Dec 02, 2008
Mom-fight!!! Well not yet, but when Steve's mom Joanna barges in to Rick and Steve's happy little homo home to announce she's moving in, it ain't pretty. First, Joanna brings her dog, .. show full overview
Death of a Lesbian Bed
Episode overview
Dec 09, 2008
A bathhouse really is like a box of chocolates, right? Especially the crumbling, long-forgotten, underground ones... who knows what terrifying stickiness could be lurking in those .. show full overview
Swallowing Pride
Episode overview
Dec 16, 2008
Chuck treats the whole gang to a trip to San Francisco for Gay Pride, but things don't exactly go as planned. Before you can say "Queer Diaspora," Rick and Steve and Kirsten and Dana .. show full overview
House of Race Cards
Episode overview
Jan 06, 2009
Is Steve a racist or is Rick too sensitive? Steve is worried that he might be a racist so he goes to a black gay bar to prove that he isn't.
The Only Straight in the Village
Episode overview
Jan 13, 2009
Dana begins to get jumpy after the news reveals that Lesbian gangs are terrorizing West Lahunga. Also, Kirsten and Rick take baby Dixie for her first doctor check up.
2x8 Seriefinale
Marry Christmess
Episode overview
Jan 27, 2009
Because of the hospital bills for Dixie, Kirsten and Rick come up with a way to get free health care. With the marriage of Steve and Dana. Meanwhile, boarder patrol is deporting anyone .. show full overview

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