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  • in première gegaan: Jul 1991
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  • Horror Mini-series


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Seizoen 1
Part One
Episode overview
Jul 07, 1991
While working in a busy NHS hospital, nurse Tracy Pickford gets a better job in a private fertility clinic. The Jenner Clinic is out in the country, very quiet and far away from the .. show full overview
Part Two
Episode overview
Jul 14, 1991
On his arrival in the sleepy Yorkshire town nearest the Jenner Clinic, the fiendish Government official, Hennessey, orders all police out of the area, and calls up an army of khaki-clad .. show full overview
Part Three
Episode overview
Jul 21, 1991
Peter Carson's subversive investigation uncovers Dr Jenner's dark past, including details of the probably illegal, certainly unethical genetic engineering experiment, he initiated a decade ago.
1x4 Seriefinale
Part Four
Episode overview
Jul 28, 1991
"It's not over yet," vows Carson. But later, in a post office sorting room, we see Hennessey confiscate copies of an incriminating video that had been mailed to the press.

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