Broken News

  • in première gegaan: Okt 2005
  • Afleveringen: 6
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  • BBC Two
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  • Comedy


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Tomato Flu
Episode overview
Okt 31, 2005
An outbreak of tomato flu is in the headlines. This alarming new super-virus (a parody of avian flu) can be traced back to a turkey farm in Turkey. The news networks advise on the best .. show full overview
Missing Island
Episode overview
Nov 06, 2005
A report that an island has gone missing in the Barents Sea triggers paranoia about rising sea levels in Lincolnshire and the end of the world as we know it. In other news: teenagers' attention spans are now as low as eleven seconds.
Episode overview
Nov 14, 2005
The publication of a Home Office report which reveals that the majority of teenagers are now criminals leads to a series of news stories from the country's worst-hit areas. A picture of .. show full overview
Bolivian Crisis
Episode overview
Nov 28, 2005
Reaction comes from around the world to rumours that Bolivia might have acquired nuclear weapons. Including a report from The White House: This is a bad day for the good guys, President .. show full overview
Episode overview
Dec 05, 2005
Media frenzy is quick to follow after reports emerge of an apparent hijack of an American passenger flight bound for Amsterdam. This live breaking story dominates the running orders of .. show full overview
Half Way There Day
Episode overview
Nov 21, 2006
Reports on commemorations around the country to mark the day Britain reached the half-way point in the last World War. In other news: The MADI music awards are here again, without last year's controversy.

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