Spy (2011)

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  • Iniziato: Ott 2011
  • Episodi: 16
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Codename: Growing Rogue
Data di messa in onda
Ott 19, 2012
Tensions simmer at school when new boy Nick stands against Marcus for school president. Tim tries to help Marcus but, given previous form, is more likely to hinder the .. show full overview
Codename: Riding High
Data di messa in onda
Ott 26, 2012
They say you can't help who you fall for, but a woman in the Witness Protection Programme - really, Tim, really? The lovesick sleuth is asking for trouble and it falls to best bud Chris .. show full overview
Codename: Lie Hard
Data di messa in onda
Nov 02, 2012
Maintaining a secret identity is a mighty ask, and there's every chance that Tim's cover is going to be blown when he's forced to take Marcus to work with him. Also, there's extra cringe .. show full overview
Codename: Mistaken Identity
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Nov 09, 2012
The Examiner is on star-spotting duties and casts Tim and Caitlin in a recruitment video. It seems like a perfectly good idea until the pair let their disguised identities get the better of them.
Codename: Family Bonds
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Nov 16, 2012
After Judith receives a blow to the head she wakes up believing that she's still married to Tim. Poor Philip is understandably devastated, but on hand to pick up the pieces is Chris, who .. show full overview
Codename: Citizen Lame
Data di messa in onda
Nov 23, 2012
Marcus is obnoxiously bright, the kind of kid you imagine becoming a world leader, or, alternatively, criminal mastermind. After being sent on work experience, though, he develops a .. show full overview
Codename: Ball Busted
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Nov 30, 2012
Marcus's hopes of organising the Summer Ball are dashed when the dreaded Mrs Godfrey usurps Philip as the school headteacher. Meanwhile, struggling to find a date, Tim tries to improve .. show full overview
Codename: Double Oh
Data di messa in onda
Dic 07, 2012
After bumping into his MI5 body double, who happens to be a genius, Tim agrees to compete for custody of Marcus. Moritz, meanwhile, is asking for trouble when, crossing all sorts of lines, he tries to woo a hostage's anxious girlfriend.
Codename: Pulp Friction
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Dic 14, 2012
While Chris tells one porky too many in a bid to turn Marcus into a celebrated author, Portis busily prepares for Caitlin's birthday, but fails to factor in a major obstacle in the form of saboteur Tim.
2x10 Ultimo episodio della serie
Codename: Last Scupper
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Dic 21, 2012
Tim is given extra incentive to rekindle his romance with Caitlin after finding himself on an assassin's hit list. Marcus, meanwhile, has been biding his time and is in prime position to humiliate rival Nick at Justine's dinner party.

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