Raw Toonage

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  • Iniziato: Set 1992
  • Episodi: 12
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  • NBC
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  • Animation Children Comedy


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Stagione 1
Spatula Party / Doggie Schnauzer / Marsupilami Meets Dr. Normanstein
Episode overview
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Set 19, 1992
Ludwig Von Drake demonstrates various principals of toon physics. HB) SPATULA PARTY Bonkers's new neighbor Fawn Deer wants to borrow a spatula, and so Bonkers scurries all around the .. show full overview
Sheerluck Bonkers / All Potato Network / The Puck Stops Here
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Set 26, 1992
Don Karnage shows the audience how to look for buried treasure, with mixed results. Watch for a surprise cameo at the end. HB) SHEERLUCK BONKERS Victorian era detective Sheerluck .. show full overview
Bonkers in Space / Cro-Magnum PI / The Treasure of the Sierra Marsdre
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Ott 03, 1992
Uncle Scrooge demonstrates the new security system he's installed in his money bin, by trying to break in. HB) BONKERS IN SPACE In the future, Bonkers and Jitters work at a .. show full overview
Draining Cats and Dogs / Mars vs. Man
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Ott 10, 1992
In contemporary New York, superstar Sebastian tries to get to the Mervin Peevish Convention Center in time to host a variety show, avoiding being caught by Chef Louie along the way. HB) .. show full overview
Get Me to the Church on Time / So You Think You Know Everything, Do You? / Someo
Episode overview
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Ott 17, 1992
Jitters A. Dog does stunt work for the Disney shows ""Duck Tales"", ""Rescue Rangers"", ""The Little Mermaid"", and ""TaleSpin"". Watch for cameos. HB) GET ME TO THE CHURCH ON .. show full overview
Ski Patrol / Poultrygeist / Romancing the Clone / Goofy's Guide to the Olympics
Episode overview
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Ott 24, 1992
Bonkers tries to deliver a tv to Fawn's house. HB) SKI PATROL Ambulance drivers Bonkers and Jitters rush to help skier Grumbles, who's injured on the slopes. TTV) POULTRYGEIST A .. show full overview
Get Me a Pizza ( Hold the Minefield ) / Nightmare on Rocky Road / Wannabe Ruler?
Episode overview
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Ott 31, 1992
HB) GET ME A PIZZA ( HOLD THE MINEFIELD ) A black-and-white newsreel tells of how World War I hero Bonkers bravely delivered pizzas to our boys in the front. TTV) NIGHTMARE ON ROCKY .. show full overview
Dogzapoppin' / The Hairy Ape / A Fear of Kites
Episode overview
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Nov 07, 1992
Launchpad McQuack gives lessons in flying. BK) DOGZAPOPPIN' Bonkers has to get an important package to his boss, Grumbles, but he can't get past Grumble's nasty dog. M) THE HAIRY .. show full overview
Trailmix Bonkers / The Young and the Nestless / Coming Attractions / Bathtime fo
Episode overview
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Nov 14, 1992
BK) TRAILMIX BONKERS Pony express rider TrailMix Bonkers delivers two money plates to California and fights the Grumbles Kid. M) THE YOUNG AND THE NESTLESS Mars reminisces about .. show full overview
Witch Doctor is Which? / Robin Hoof / Jungle Fever
Episode overview
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Nov 21, 1992
Gosalyn enthusiastically eggs on a reluctant Ludwig von Drake to build a monster for her. M) WITCH DOCTOR IS WHICH? Witch Doctor Norman places a series of curses on Mars so that .. show full overview
Quest for Firewood / Badly Animated Man / Safari So Good
Episode overview
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Nov 28, 1992
Marsupilami teaches Maurice how to defend himself against a bully. BK) QUEST FOR FIREWOOD In prehistoric times, cavecat Bonkers searches for firewood to bring back to his freezing .. show full overview
1x12 Ultimo episodio della serie
Gobble Gobble Bonkers / Hot Spots / My New Shoes / Prime Mates Forever
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Dic 05, 1992
BK) GOBBLE GOBBLE BONKERS Jitters lets Bonkers take one his beloved turkeys to Grumbles for Thanksgiving dinner, not realizing that it's the dinner. M) HOT SPOTS A heat wave, a .. show full overview

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