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Stagione 3 Discuss
Data di messa in onda
Giu 30, 2017
Dutch and D’avin, with the help of an obnoxious black market dealer, are on the hunt for a weapon that will draw out the Hullen, and Johnny receives an SOS from Clara, leading him into the underground world of Hackmods.
A Skinner, Darkly
Data di messa in onda
Lug 07, 2017
Turin insists Dutch and D’avin take a few of the RAC’s best brains for a test drive mission, in search for a temporary replacement for Johnny. The rookies soon find themselves in over .. show full overview
The Hullen Have Eyes
Data di messa in onda
Lug 14, 2017
The Killjoys trace the last coordinates of a Black Root ship to a radiation scorched planet, finding an abandoned Hullen training camp, creepy inhabitants and a surprising connection to their past.
The Lion, the Witch & the Warlord
Data di messa in onda
Lug 21, 2017
An ambush sends Dutch and Johnny running to Pree's warlord past for help, as D'avin tries to get to the bottom of a Black Warrant that hits unexpectedly close to home.
Attack the Rack
Data di messa in onda
Lug 28, 2017
The Killjoy rebels take drastic measures to clean house: a secret ops attack against their own Rack. But thanks to Aneela's schemes and a mole among them, not everyone will make it out alive.
Necropolis Now
Data di messa in onda
Ago 04, 2017
As John faces off with someone from his past, Dutch faces her own personal hell: trapped in a space elevator with a bunch of pompous Qreshis who start mysteriously dying around her one by one.
The Wolf You Feed
Data di messa in onda
Ago 11, 2017
Desperate for an advantage, Dutch goes AWOL and risks a dangerous procedure that connects her to Aneela's memories, finally giving her shocking answers to Aneela's true origins - and her own.
Heist, Heist, Baby
Data di messa in onda
Ago 18, 2017
As the Killjoys plan a dangerous theft on an armored convoy, Aneela finds herself on a desperate search for something far more valuable that was stolen from her: Delle Seyah.
Reckoning Ball
Data di messa in onda
Ago 25, 2017
John must confront his nemesis face to face when Delle Seyah suddenly arrives to set terms of war via parley. As D'av and Dutch plan a counterattack, Alvis tries to ready everyone for war in a more personal way through the ritual of Reckoning.
3x10 Ultimo episodio della stagione
Data di messa in onda
Set 01, 2017
It's go time. The Killjoy militia has gathered everything they need, ready to go to war with Aneela and her Hullen using Delle Seyah as bait. But as the battle begins, Aneela changes the entire game.

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